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Lands of Azhral

A short campaign set in the Lands of Azhral. Rife with inter-party problems, this campaign met its dismal end as greedy party members were devoured by a slithering tracker while looting each others bodies.
    The personalities of each character made up for the parties lack of coherence. Each character had an interesting and provocative personality - sometimes provoking other player-characters to leave the character tied up and left to die in the desert, but it was still fun and plenty interesting.

Campaign Members

    Gerhalt (Dead)
    Jaquen (Dead)
    Sarcos Delosson (Dead)
    Zaknafein Illistyan (Dead)

Excerpts from the DM's Journals

The first few campaign sessions were dutifully recorded by our hard working Dungeon Master, until he became too busy to continue. Nevertheless, we present what was written for your amusement here.