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In Sulerin, the setting of Sinordin exists far away from where I usually place my campaigns. It is a terrible desert of ash turned glass by the endless storms of lightning that rage above. In this desert, five vast cities, each far larger than anything found on Earth, exist. From the lowest mining tunnels, miles deep into the earth, to the titanic towers that rise thousands of feet above the layered metal metropolis of the cities, to the wastelands of ancient city areas abandoned and inhabited only by monsters, to the wars that rage between mortal and the demonic on a daily basis, Sinordin is a dynamic campaign setting filled with turmoil and adventure.
    Within you will find a collection of material to help you run your own campaigns in the Sinordin setting. Also, I've included a large amount of information about the campaign which adventured in Sinordin.

Campaign Members

    Arkady (Dead)

    Alucord (Retired)
    Ashen (Retired)
    Whym Tomrin (Retired)

People and Personalities

This is a collection of non-player-character personalities which our adventurers have met and delt with in the past. Most of this information is limited to what the players know of each personality.

A Glossary of Terms

A guide to important figures, titles of places, and the names of things which can be found in the setting of Sinordin.

Near Channeler Character Class

In Sinordin there are no priests. In their place are a class of people called Near Channelers who exchange belief in spirits that dwell in a realm called the Near for magical powers.

Sinordin Campaign Setting

Named for the volume of noise and the oft evil predications of its inhabitants, Sinordin, set in the Desert of Ash and Glass, is one of five cities, each far greater in size than anything found on Earth. It is a place of such size that even though its mortal and demonic inhabitants are innumerable, there are still hundreds of miles of barren streets and places long forgotten at its fringes, places where no one has gone in many hundreds of years. With buildings that tower miles into the sky, city streets and buildings built upon buildings, and the immense, the hot world of the Forge beneath, and the endless caverns, tunnels, and mines beneath - there is room for any adventure, room enough to live and die as countless millions do everyday in the despotic realm of Sinordin.
    Sindordin is not part of the World of Sulerin, though it surely exists somewhere in the Sulerin universe - someplace, on another plane of existence, where mortals and demons swell in number together.