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The Black Scourge

As one of my longest campaigns, this one set world events in motion which even today still affect the setting where current campaigns are played. Run over about seven years, the adventures of Garbin, Kati-bre, Tachos Oakenshield, Gillius Thunderclap, and Thaymen Silverstreak had it all. Mighty earthquakes, nefarious thieves guilds, elvin princes, civil war, demon gods, holy warriors, dragons, the exploration of far and new lands, and far more.
    As much of this campaign came to pass before the advent of the internet, much of its records and notes are still on paper and not published here. An effort is being made to bring much of it to the web, here, for your enjoyment.

Campaign Members

    Gillius Thunderclap (Dead)
    Tachos Goldenshield (Dead)
    Thaymen Silverstreak (Dead)
    Xavier La'Kithsoon (Dead)

    Dorian Thornhelm (Retired)
    Garben Gilthanus (Retired)
    Katei-Brie Khahun (Retired)

People and Personalities

This is a collection of non-player-character personalities which our adventurers have met and delt with in the past. Most of this information is limited to what the players know of each personality.

Adventures of Xavier: Part I - "Endings and Beginnings" (IRC)

Under pressure, Xavier La'Kithsoon renounces his claim to his lands of Greentree and leaves to seek companions for the long road home to Elestinlore.

Adventures of Xavier: Part II - "Friends Upon a Time"

Hated by many, Xavier seeks out a couple of old associates. Follow him from the Swamps of Dhaal to the Citidel of Light and thence to the Forests of Elestinlore.

Adventures of Xavier: Part III - "The Grip of Stone" (IRC)

Xavier encounters his brother, Gamaliel, and closes the chapter on his life as a servant of Daer-Koch.

Adventures of Xavier: Part IV - "The Dwarves"

Xavier travels to his homeland, the Nation of Elestinlore. Shattered by the Black Scourge, it is now a wild land and creatures of darkness walk its wooded paths.

Adventures of Xavier: Part V - "Forest Meetings" (IRC)

Xavier introduces Kinnowyre to his brother Gamaliel and there is talk of retaking the forest from the evils that have inhabited it since the fall of Elestinlore.

Adventures of Xavier: Part VI - "Counselmen"

The trio - Xavier, Gamaliel, and Kinnowyre - travel to the refugee camp of elves from Elestinlore and meet with several of their leaders.

Legend of the Wayward Priest

The story of Xavier La'Kithsoon, a priest of Daer-Koch and his rise and fall from grace.

Prophecy of Akzhar Daer Khazraan

A translation of the insane writings of Akzhar Daer Khazraan, a prophet and seer who many say foresaw the birth of the Dark God and the coming of the time known as the Black Scourge. This difficult to read document was something of a road map to those whose efforts were aimed toward the defeat of the Dark God and the banishment of its presence from the World of Sulerin.

Storm Dragon

The tale of how the great adventurer, rogue, and lord Garbin Gilthanus, having recovered the twin Swords of Mishima and Mindama, released a being of great power which had been imprisoned within and gained a great prize.