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Tomb of Horrors

The original "Tomb of Horrors," by Gary Gygax, was a work of dark imaginings and deadly challenges, pitting player characters against the evil designs of the powerful lich called Acererak. In the "Return to the Tomb of Horrors," by Bruce Cordell, characters are again challenged and called to bring justice against the evil lich, whose power has grown over the last 20 years and nears his greatest accomplishment.
    In the Summer of 2000, I ran this infamous module and a group of nine players took Acererak's challenge. Did they make it? How many survived the trials of this module? I won't say here in this introit, but all the details of this fourteen week campaign are here in chronological order.
    Be warned! Secrets and spoilers lurk within. If you ever intend to play through the "Tomb of Horrors" or the "Return to the Tomb of Horrors" modules, it would be best if you did not read any of the material from this campaign.

Campaign Members

    Azraphel Nadar (Dead)
    Brother Yeule (Dead)
    Chief Maleb (Dead)
    Gwendolyn (Dead)
    Llantha Syldin (Dead)
    Rattana (Dead)
    Tomas (Dead)
    Xian (Dead)
    Zachery of the Eye (Dead)

    Elvaryn (Savnal) (Retired)
    Gwei Colaráh (Retired)
    Kolos (Retired)
    Sarinda (Retired)

Act 1: Where Does Darkness Stir From?

In the first act of Return to the Tomb of Horrors the party investigates the cause of the increased undead sightings and attacks upon towns to the south. They are directed by a sage to seek a man called Desatysso, who dwelt in mountains. Along the way they investigate a couple towns that came under attack by undead and they meet one of the surviving members of the last expedition to the Tomb of Horrors. Upon returning to Batrimuir they meet the other remaining original adventurer who survived, who is willing to show them the way south to the Tomb of Horrors. Each of the following journal entries reflects a different character's point of view.

Act 2: The Black Academy

In the second act of Return to the Tomb of Horrors, the party has arrived at a city populated by necromancers and the undead that serve them. In the center of the city is a great hill which has been carved to look like a skull. Grunther is sure that this is where the tomb was, twenty years earlier, but where in the evil city is its entrance now? Can the party find it without stirring up too much trouble? All this and more awaits in this act. Each of the following journal entries reflects a different character's point of view.

Character Creation Guidelines

These were the limits specified for character creation so that all characters were roughly the same power level. Remember, this is second edition.

Prelude: Azraphel

This is the story of how Azraphael came to the town known as Batrimuir.

Prelude: Elvaryn

This is the story of how Elvaryn (also known as Sevnal) came to the town of Batrimuir.

Research Results

During the much of the month of Nightsun the party conducted research, trained, and prepared for their next travel south in search of the Tomb. Here are the results of their research during that time.

The Setting

Introductory information about the area where the Return to the Tomb of Horrors was set, within the World of Sulerin