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Alexander Ilkenvo

Neutral Good Male Human
Level 4 Psion

Str 8   Dex 9   Con 12   Int 18   Wis 16   Cha 11   Hit Points: 18

Status: Retired

Born in the dark year of 12860, Alexander haven't seen much light in the beginning of his life. Near the time of his birth, news of the Dark One's invasion reached the area of wereskalot where he was born, and panic started to claim the hearts of the simple farmers.
    Fearing an undefeatable enemy, the farmers in Alexander's village armed themselves and prepared for the possible invasion. Like many socities controlled by dread and agony the peasants found themselves a scapegoat - Alexander's family, known by rumors as mindbenders, mystics, telepaths and thought-readers. A small army of armed peasants surrounded Alexander's home, and later proceeded to kill his father and older brother. Alexander's mother fled with the young baby through the back door, but was spotted and a dagger was thrown at her. Dying, she fled into the nearby forest, taking her baby in her blood-covered hands.
    Hours later, a lone Elf who lived with his family in the area found the young child crying near his mother's corpse. Feeling mercy for the newborn, the Elf took Alexander to his isolated home and raised him as one of his children.
    Alexander grew in the wilderness with the small Elven family. As the years passed, he became more and more closer to the younger doughter of that family, Foline. He grew up like an Elf, speaking Nelaoni as his native tounge. He didn't even know of his dark origion, until his Talent awakened at the age of 10.
    At the time he started seeing what others were thinkin about. It began one day when he was playing hide-and-seek with Foline, and he suddenly had a vision of her wereabouts from her point of view. He walked to the spot he saw, and found her there. First he thought that this was a conincidence that his "day dream" became true, but he found himself more and more capable of feeling his family's thoughts and emotions.
    As his adopting father realised Alexander's true nature, he told him of the circumstances of his arrival into the isolated Elven family. Feeling that he must help Alexander fulfill his true destiny, his adopting father hired some mystic he was femiliar with to instruct the boy in his talent.
    The Mystic, a charming young woman called Naya Miarr, tought Alexander of The Talent and it's use. Also, she instructed the extremely gifted young boy in several skills useful as backup and addition to his talent.
    The years of training passed by as Naya instructed Alexander ways of controlling his mind and using it as his primary tool, weapon and source of existance. She told him that his Gift was a bless and not a curse, an advantage he has over other Humans that he must not misuse. But she also tought him of the disrespect in which the Psionicists are treated, and the adolescent boy dreamed of the days in which he'll be able to change this unfortunate fact.
    After the completion of his training, and Foline's Ranger Training (given to her by her father), the two left their humble home near the city of Wereskalot, and travelled to the metropolis of Tel-Akbar to seek their fame and fortune.


Alexander is relatively kind-hearted and sensitive to the needs of others, as long as they don't show disrespect to his Talent and to the others with the Gift. He's unable to see the weak suffer under the opression of the powerful, and will do anything he could to prevent such a condition. Regarding his Talent, he does have a very sensitive pride. Insulting him in regard to his Talent might anger him quite a bit... and in some cases even cause him to forget his values of honor and justice for the moment... and act violently. Alexander mildly dislikes figures of authority... And usually prefers to act on his own or in company of his friends rather than under the command of some authoritative person.

Religious/Political Opinions

Alexander worships Baeast, however he's not very fanatic about his belief. He's quite against a tough, orginized government; He prefers a loose administration that doesn't demand from the citizens more than what is needed to prevent anarchy. He's strictly against corruption; He sees it as the worse of all sins. Alexander sees technology, Psi and wizard magic as the keys to the future, as well as the powers of nature (i.e. Baeast); He sees ignorance as a desaese that must be fought. Gods other than baest seem to Alexander as the root of ignorance and corruption.

Long-Term Goals and Ambitions

  • One of Alexander's long term goals is to make psionics more widely known and well respected, and to create a guild in which the psionicists will be safe from prosections and capable of developing their talents without being disturbed by those who do not undserstand.
  • Take revange against the government of wereskalot, which have harmed him and his family much.
  • Research deeply into Psionics, and try to make Psi into a much more useful field of mystical powers.
  • Create himself a reputation of a well-respected and well-feared mystic.
  • Build himself a stronghold, which will later become the center of his Psi Guild.
  • Rule a small kingdom.
  • Find a better way than Empower to create psionic items, not only sentient items.

Short-Term Goals

  • Get himself some money and a bit of fame, and get a stable social status at Tel-Akbar.
  • Kill an Orge.
  • See a true Greater Path magician.
  • Fight a few goblins or other ruffians and show them that Psionics are far better than brute force.
  • Get himself a good riding horse, on which he could ride an take most of his equipment.
  • Learn Psychic Surgery and begin to understand and use it.
  • Gain acess to PsychoKinetic powers.