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Dev'Mith Torvan

True Neutral Male Drakher Elf
Level 2 Wizard (Wild Mage)

Str 10   Dex 19   Con 10   Int 18   Wis 18   Cha 12   Hit Points: 4

Status: Retired

Born on the sixth day of Veluna, in the year 10200 (by reckoning of the end of the Unholy Wars) to Vaelquess (pronounced Vay-el-quess) and Thelor (pronounced Thay-lore) Torvan (pronounced Tore-Van) he was named Dev`Mith (pronounced Dev-Mith). He grew up with his sister (elder by 20 years) Laelanna (pronounced lay-lawnah) in the underdark of Sulerin. The two got along rather well for the most part, and much of what Dev`Mith learned as a child his sister taught him. They took many walks through the cavernous areas of the realm together, and listened to the stories of their elders together as well. These tales of heroic Drakher fighting in mighty battles, and wielding great magic sparked wander lust, and a taste for adventure in his heart, though it lay dormant for many years. His parents were merchants of their city, who traded with many of the surface dwellers in secret dealings. Thus it was that Dev`Mith learned Thennish, Ulthor, Darini and Abnasian. The surface elven tongues most of the children of his village were taught for none could know when the great Brakah would call them to war against the surface, where these would be their greatest foes. It always pays to know one's enemies, they would always be told as incentive to learn.
     The years went by, and he and his sister grew ever closer, though he soon began to develop other interests. Two of which he was most passionate about were magic (he spent every moment he could with the local mage, having been fascinated by magic since he was old enough to understand what it was, the mage's name was Dor`Vak, and Dev`Mith was apprenticed to him as soon as he was old enough), and a young woman by the name of Sliehvanna (pronounced Slay-vhannah). His sister grew very jealous of his time, having grown accustomed to his near worship of her in his younger days. Eventually this jealousy grew so great, that she could no longer stand to allow him to "dote" upon the woman or mage any longer. She sabotaged his relationship to the girl, first, by bringing her to a secluded area where she had hired an apprentice mage to make an illusion that needless to say made Sliehvanna no longer want to have anything to do with Dev`Mith. Before she had come up with any plan to destroy whatever relationship he had with the old mage of the villiage, Dev`Mith had been approached by Sliehvanna, and he pieced together what happened, though he was unable to undo the damage his sister had done. He immediately went to find his sister, and a heated argument ensued. So intense was his rage that he lost all awareness of his surroundings and actually STRUCK one of the Dura! He was tattooed with the markings of one of the outcast, and sent to wander his own path with no help from any of the Drakher. Though very disheartened in having to leave his people, in him awoke the adventurous spirit sparked in him in his youth. He abandoned his worship of Brakah, and began to worship his magic that kept him alive as he traveled further and further from his ancestral home. Until one day he was captured in his sleep by a band of smugglers from the surface.