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Elvaryn (Savnal)

Neutral Good Male Silothreni / Tenerthor
Level 16 Wizard (Chronomancer)

Str 12   Dex 13   Con 12   Int 21   Wis 21   Cha 8   Hit Points: 32

Status: Retired

I have decided to write this journal now that my master Savnal is dead. It is currently 2515 years after the Age of Chaos. We have been living with the elves of Nadris for the past 11 years, resting and learning from them. The magics they wield are awesome indeed. It took awhile to gain their trust, but we finally gained the trust of some. But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning.
    I was born in the Underhalls under the human nation known as the United Kingdoms, 10280 years after the Age of Chaos. The clan I was born into wasn't extremely powerful, but we were well off. Early on my intelligence was noticed and around the age of 11 I began the study of magic. I quickly excelled and over the next 9 years I learned everything that my teachers had to offer. When I was 20 I begin to join with the hunting parties to better learn to survive in the Underhalls. Over the next 4 years I spent my time with hunting parties and with the all-important studies that I was given.
    It was at the age of 24 that I met my master, Savnal. He was one of the elder and most likely the most powerful mage in our clan. But he was extremely suspicious and secretive, even for a Silothreni. A few months after the beginning of the year 10304 he informed the council that he wanted me as his apprentice. This had never happened before, he had never taken an apprentice and so the council said yes.
    Over the next 10 years I learned from him. My knowledge grew by leaps and bounds. But it was not until 10315 that I learned the truth. My master, Savnal, was a chronomancer. It was this revelation that changed my life. The things that he told me were astonishing; I eagerly absorbed the knowledge that he now gave me.
    For the last 11 years I had been learning more and more about the Temporal Prime. Savnal and I were constantly coming up with new experiments and doing new research to discover more. Then tragedy struck our clan. From what we were able to gather, one of the hunting parties had a run in with a small group of Shub-Naddar. During the battle, which the hunting party won, one of the more powerful Shub-Naddar had imitated one our warriors and had gotten into our settlement. This thing then proceeded to bring in more of its brethren and they quickly overran our clan.
    Savnal and I gathered up as much of the stuff out of the labs as we could and fled to the surface world. As secretive as we needed to be about our magic we knew that no other clan would take us in. On the surface we could use our magic to hide ourselves from those who would not accept us. Also from the information we had gathered, the humans sounded as if they were much more trusting then other Silothreni.
    Once on the surface my master decided now would be a perfect time to try our greatest experiment. A long distance trip into the past. We transported ourselves to the Temporal Prime and began travelling. The journey was dangerous and exciting. We use vortices to speed up our travel, and then lost it when we ran into huge tangles of lifelines. We had trouble with all kinds of denizens of the Temporal Prime, possibly the worst being the strands. Savnal had some strange magical device that provided the sustenance that we needed and so we spent the next 15 years and 10 months travelling through the Temporal Prime. We finally arrived at our destination, 4632 years after the Age of Chaos. 5648 years before I was born.
    The two of us then spent the next 4 years travelling around the United Kingdoms. The language Thenderin was still spoken by the people there, as they hadn't left the Eastern Empire very long ago. We then spent a year travelling across land to the Eastern Empire itself and spent 4 years there learning many things. In the United Kingdoms and the Eastern Empire we learned many things of interest. We learned of a lost group of elves known as the Naderisti, the elven nation of Greentree, the kingdom of Midden, and many other things.
    After our time in the Eastern Empire we decided to travel into the future and visit Midden. We traveled across land back up to the United Kingdoms, and from there we transported ourselves to the Temporal Prime. We then traveled forward in time, moving our way through the Temporal Prime. We spent 5 years, 3 months, and 3 weeks travelling towards our destination. When we finally left the Temporal Prime it was 6521 years after the Age of Chaos. As planned we had come out half way through the Ki'kiri Jungles. We then finished our journey to Midden, working our way carefully through the jungles.
    We then spent the next 8 years living throughout the Midden Kingdom, learning much of their history and the legends of the surrounding areas. While there we found out a lot more of the nation of Greentree and discussed moving there next. Towards the end of our stay we befriended a Lerether elf, whom we learned even more from. Including their language, Illyaunaya. After hearing of the beauty of which he had spoken, especially of the Ellouwin Trees. We packed our things for a journey.
    Savnal decided that we would travel to the past to visit the nation of Greentree. Partially because of some new thoughts he had on the Temporal Prime which he wanted to test. So we began our journey. This journey took us 15 years and 4 months. Upon exiting the Temporal Prime we found ourselves 1035 years after the Age of Chaos.
    Over the next 14 years we traveled throughout the nation of Greentree. We spent our time learning from the Leretherian mages, learning of their myths and legends, and resting. Greentree was a restful place and Savnal was getting older. Savnal finally decided that he wanted to visit the Naderisti elves that we had heard about back in the Eastern Empire. So we used our magic to transport ourselves across the vast distance and then moved ourselves into the Temporal Prime.
    We begin moving forward in time, looking for a time when there weren't a lot of problems with the lifelines in the area. We ended up travelling for 4 years, 1 month, and 2 weeks through the Temporal Prime. We exited the Temporal Prime, arriving 2504 years after the Age of Chaos.
    We approached and slowly began to befriend the Naderisti elves. They ever so slowly begin to trust us and so we began to learn more and more from them. Their magic is totally different from ours. Savnal and I believe that the magic we have learned has made it impossible to learn their magic. Over the next few years, Savnal began to get weaker and weaker from age. His mind was as sharp as ever, but his body didn't want to hold out. 11 years after our arrival in the Naderisti city, he passed peacefully away in his sleep.
    Savnal has just been buried. Maalaea, probably our best friend here in the city, helped me bury him. Savnal is on his way to Shistar now; he has gone to a better place. I have decided to leave the Naderisti and to perform some of the experiments that Savnal and I developed in the last few years of his life. I have decided on a somewhat long trip into the future. I'll probably visit the Eastern Empire area, since it is not very far away. I will have to look through the information that Savnal and I have about the Eastern Empire's history.
    I just spent the last couple days sorting through Savnal's stuff. There is no way that I am going to be able to bring it all with me. Maalaea said that I could leave some of it here, that way if I came back it would be safe. I have accepted his offer and so I will leave some of his stuff here, taking only what I need. I am planning on leaving in a few days.
    Well it is time to go now; I have finished organizing all of my stuff and have everything I need. Along this trip, I decided to try a number of trips using the vortices and perhaps using a strand or two to speed my journey. It should be an interesting experience.
    Just wanted to jot a quick note into my journal. I've just finished 5 years of travel through the Temporal Prime. Pretty basic stuff so far. I've been making observations on strands for the last 5 years, preparing for the first experiment. I'll probably try it in the next couple days.
    Unbelievable! I just used a strand to travel more quickly down stream. I finally had to quit because of the amount of punishment I was taking from bashing into the lifelines. I will have to develop a way to pass through or protect myself from the lifelines if I want to use the strands on a regular basis. If I can find a way to safely use the strands I will be able to travel up stream much faster.
    Well, another large break in my journal writing. I took three more trips using the strands. They are much too dangerous right now. While I have saved myself a lot of time, I almost knocked myself unconscious on the third trip. I will have to wait until I have a way to protect myself from the lifelines before I do it again. I'm going to start making observations for the experiments with the vortices that Savnal and I talked about.
    I've spent the last 5 years watching and observing vortices. I'm going to begin trying to ride them for the last couple months of travel that I have.
    Found a strange Temporal Anomaly that looks like it was purposefully hidden. Looks like I won't be out of here as soon as I thought, I'm going to have to track this down. Make sure that it isn't going to cause some serious problems.
    I've just spent 2 and a half years fixing the anomaly. It was a pretty involved process. First I had to track down the anomaly, then once I found its source; I had to find out what it was and how to fix it. Fixing it was somewhat difficult, but not nearly as difficult as the next part. I tracked down the chronomancer who was at fault, so that he couldn't do something like this again. It ended up being some insane mage who had learned just enough chronomatic magic to make him dangerous. I was just barely able to kill him, he was very powerful. While I'm glad that is over, I did find some interesting stuff in his tower. I took some stuff that looked like it could be useful, including some spell books, and then I destroyed the entire tower. Can't have some group of adventurer's finding his research into chronomancy. Well I guess it's time to get back to my journey.
    I'm back in the Eastern Empire; of course they speak a different language now. It's 8005 years after the Age of Chaos. I'm not sure how much time I'm going to spend here.
    Well I need some rest. I've spent the last 4 years doing magical research and examining the items I took from that insane mage. I've decided to leave here and travel to Greentree. The last time I was there was very relaxing. I think I'll make a short jump into the future too, as long lived as the elves are, their language probably hasn't changed very much at all.
    Well I've arrived in Greentree; it's 9072 years after the Age of Chaos. The trip was pretty uneventful. I used my magic to travel to the Greentree area and then slipped into the Temporal Prime. Using vortices and trying a strand for a short trip, the trip only took 2 and a half years.
    Over the last 3 years I have traveled all over the nation of Greentree. Much has remained the same since I was last here, but even elves change after 8000 years. The Ellouwin Trees are even more wondrous. Their growth is slow, but in 8000 years a lot has happened.
    It's been a while since I've written in my journal. Let me see, I spent 2 more years travelling and resting in Greentree and then decided to travel some into the future. I hoped forward, travelling for about 2 years through the Temporal Prime. Once again using the vortices. Didn't see any groups of strands that were small enough for me to use. It's the year 10011, and I'm still in Greentree. I have met a group of sages that have collected information on the human tribes that used to speak the language of Cananor. I have decided to spend some time with them learning.
    Well it is time to get back to my magical research. I have spent the last 3 years learning from the sages, but my research beckons.
     As a place of peace, I'm not sure if Greentree has a match. But for being alone and secretive it isn't very good at all. I've spent the last 3 years studying my magic, and learning from some of the Lerether elves, but I need to work on my chronomatic magic and I can not get enough privacy here. I think it is time to leave. I'm thinking about going near my old homeland. I just realized that I'll be born in 300 years or so. Rather interesting.
    A rather uneventful trip, or perhaps I should say nothing too difficult for me to overcome. I spent a little over 6 years travelling through the Temporal Prime this time, and so for the first time ever I am in my actual future. It is 12728 years after the Age of Chaos. The area looks like it has changed a lot.
    Well it's been a year since I arrived from Greentree. The United Kingdom is much bigger now and the language is much different too. But the current language, Thennish, wasn't very hard to pick up. Humans are a secretive lot, so as long as I follow their laws I shouldn't have too many problems getting the privacy I want.
    My research has been going well for the past 3 years. I have a decently fortified and private dwelling within the human city of Zhakar. My research is going very well and I think I'm going to stay here for a while longer.
    Four years have passed and I've decided to travel to the Midden Kingdom, perhaps through in a short little trip through the Temporal Prime while I'm at it.
    With some of the research I did I was able to cut the trip down to 3 months in the Temporal Prime. I'm in the city of Devilsbane, in the Kingdom of Midden and it is currently the year 12878. Definitely an interesting city, I've built up a place to my research here. I'm also thinking about taking a trip to the Ki'kiri Jungles, it has been a long time since I've been there.
    Just got back from a 2-year trip through the Jungles. I learned the trade tongue that is spoken by almost all of the tribes from my guide; it is a very interesting language. The jungles are a fascinating place, I will have to do some research on them when I get back. Of course this will be adding on to what I first learned when I was here, but it has been over 6000 years since I was here last. All of my current information about the Ki'kiri Jungles is from that time period.

Height: 7'0", Weight: 183 lb, Eyes: Gray, Hair: White, Age: 172
    Skills: Move Silently, Hide in Shadows, Detect Snares & Pitfalls, Sling, Dagger, Warhammer, Spellcraft, Time Sense, Ancient History Ki'Kiri Jungles, Research - Magical, Arcanology, Sage Knowledge Undead, Concentration, Thaumaturgy, Detect Ambush, Cooking, Religion - Praeliton, Meditation, Heraldry of Tyel, Hunting
    Languages: Shoi-Kar (yr 10,300 dialect), Midden, Arnor (yr 6500 dialect), Darini (ancient), Thennish (yr 12,700 dialect), Nit'si, Cananoor (yr 10,000 dialect), Thendarin (yr 4500 dialect), Nadris (yr 2,500 dialect), Illyaunaya, Arnor (yr 11,500 dialect), Tenerthor
    Special Items: Ring of Deflection +2, Philactry of Soveign Tonic, Robes of the Neverworld, Boots of Comfort, Potion of Noxious Resistance, Potion of Invisibility, Potion of Cure Light Wounds, Ring of Warmth, Cup of Sorrownon, Scroll of Creation, Scroll of Protection from Baatezu, Scroll of Protection from Cold, Scroll of Controll Undead, Scroll of Protection from Possession, Scroll of Wizards, Bear Cloak of the Sulhart.
    Spells: 1st Level: Chromatic Orb, Magic Missile, Spider Climb, Hold Portal, Metamorphose Liquids, Delay Image, Read Magic, Detect Magic, Detect Temporal Anomoly, Slow Metabolism, Detect Secret Passages & Portals, Rest, Comprehend Languages, Identify, Feather Fall.; 2nd Level: Continual Light, Alter Slef, Electrical Ward, Wizard Lock, Knock, Timeslip, Accelerate Plant Growth, Life Sounding, Preserve, Maligard's Morning Ministrations, Locate Object, Detect invisibility, Rope Trick, Web, Cat's Grace; 3rd Level: Articus' Melee Manager, Lance of Disruption, Hold Undead, Lightning Bolt, Slow, Minor Paradox, Life Tether, Time Snare, Nachaser's Glowing Globe, Weave Sight, Weave Walk, Plant Growth, Tongues, Wather Breathing, Extension I, Wraithform, Fly; 4th Level: Alexior's Perfect Flight, Improved Fireball, Stoneskin, Spider Strand, timeheal, Temporal Push, Dimension Door, Detect Scrying, Wesley's Temporal Disjunction, Extension II, Improved Invisibility, Polymorph Self, Mordenkainen's Force Missiles, Ultravision, Ice Storm; 5th Level: Tenser's Destructive Resonance, Cone of Cold, Hold Monster, Rary's Telepathic Bond, Temporal Wall, Location, Cloudkill, Create Slipgate, Accelerate Animal Growth, Leomund's Hidden lodge, Major Creation, Stone Shape, Bubka's Superior Identification; 6th Level: Disintegrate, Dimensional Blade, Paradox, Improved Haste, Contingency, Conceal Temporal Anamoly, Semipermanency, Chain Lightning; 7th Level: Teleport Without Error, Temporal Eye, Flesh to Ice; 8th Level: Time Stop