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True Neutral Female Half-elf
Level 15 Cleric of Baeast

Str 10   Dex 10   Con 15   Int 8   Wis 15   Cha 15   Hit Points: 74

Status: Retired

Being female, many might mistake Taren for a full-blooded elf, although she is taller than most elves at 5'7". She has blackish auburn hair and brown- yellow eyes. She is fairly attractive. She is generally serious and intense and never very loud.
     Taren was raised by her father, a druid of the old faith, near the mysterious Forest Heartstrong (across the Bay of Biengyar from Tel Akbar). Her elven mother left when she was very young. Her father doesn't like to speak of her and Taren doesn't press him since it seems to cause him pain. She suspects that her mother may be the reason her father never ventures far from the Forest Heartstrong.
     They led a fairly seclusive life, but her father made sure she knew the ways of the cities and towns into which they ventured to trade and buy the things they needed. He always encouraged her to be independent and certainly never coddled her. With her father's encouragement, she left to find her own way within the new Druidic faith.
     Taking a ship across the Bay of Beingyal, she met up with Sanjian Mokodo. They spoke and became casual friends on the weeklong voyage. They parted ways at Zeaburg, Taren's point of departure (while Sanjian went on to Tel Akbar).
     Journeying onward on her mission to explore the world a little further and find a piece of land to take care of (that's what Druids do, you know), she was waylaid by a band of thieves near Krakatos, but rescued by a group of adventurers with whom she then began to adventure. Eventually, they came to be in Tel Akbar and each of them began to go their separate ways, leaving Taren alone once more.