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Theodophilus Greenbow

Chaotic Good Male Human
Level 14 Wizard (Greater Path)

Str 8   Dex 9   Con 13   Int 17   Wis 17   Cha 9   Hit Points: 36

Status: Retired

Theo's father, Derek Longshanks, is a wealthy, but not terribly powerful merchant in the Gulf of Beingyar. He maintains several wives, in various cities (especially port cities). Some of them know that they are not his only love, most do not. Theo's mother, Nicodemia, knows well his habits, having found out a number of years ago. But she loves him, though she only sees him once every few months. He stops in Tel Akbar but thrice a year to check on his caravans and meet with his ship captains. He does pay child support; enough for her and the boy to be comfortable, but not much more. She is not actually his wife, and thus he feels no particular loyalty to her and certainly not to his bastard son, Theo. Nonetheless, he is still attracted to her. Of course, Nicodemia's brother is a retired adventurer, a ranger, and sees to it that he does not abandon her. Her brother, Arik Greenbow, a ranger of some stature (retired though he is) is friends with many of the rangers who keep Orcs off the caravan circuit near Tel Akbar. While Arik has not threatened Theo's father with interruption this service, he has suggested that should Derek neglect the boy and his sister, Derek's mistresses and real wife might begin to receive kiss-n-tell letters.
     Theo's half-sister, (from before his mother and Derek got together), is named Lucretia Berencroft. She lives in Luln, to the north across the Gulf of Beingyar. Lucy is a barmaid, and a feisty one at that. Theo attended school as a young child, until the age of thirteen. He had an easy time of it, being much keener than the dull-witted children of wealthy merchants that surrounded him. Knowing his father, he had rather a hard time making many friend among that lot. Besides, they were jealous of his smarts and treated him poorly. He was, after all, below them in social class, and of course much younger than any of them. And of course, he was always playing tricks on them with cantrips for revenge. He didn't spend much time in physical activity, preferring to spend his hours in study.
     At thirteen, Nicodemia began to feel it was time for her son to learn a trade. Thus Theo was sent to his uncle, who lived in the mountains to the west. Arik immediately recognized his propensity for magic and began showing him a few pointers. He taught Theodophilus the ways of the Greater Path, and how to recognize what other spell crafters were up to. Theo learned how to defend himself with his walking stick. From the contact with traveling rangers and elves, he picked up Darinu. Perhaps Theo's favorite pastimes at Arik.s hut was perusing the piece of an ancient scroll from times forgotten. Arik taught also the rudiments of the ancient language on the scroll, explaining that this text was from a forgotten time when the mages of the world split into factions and hunted down those who practiced the Greater Path. Theo must always beware the destroyers of the Greater Path, who may come again one day.
     Now Theo, at sixteen, (aka. hormones raging madness) is finally ready to conquer the world. Arik thinks he's about as ready as he'll ever be for adventure, and the only way to get more ready is to go out and get his hands wet. So, Arik brings Theo back to Tel Akbar to seek his fortune. With a few gold coins to get him going, and a slap on the back, Arik tells Theo to seek a certain local inn...