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Neutral Good Male Human
Level 17 Bard

Str 10   Dex 18   Con 16   Int 13   Wis 10   Cha 15   Hit Points: 90

Status: Dead

Tomas was born in the great big city of Tel Akbar. His natural father was also something of a bard and traveling poet, but he was largely raised by his mother and her brother. He had a cousin who served as something of an older brother who is a respected captain in the Tel Akbar city guard. His uncle largely wished for him to avoid taking up his father's errant ways and so tried to have Tomas educated to be respectable. Seeing that formal schooling wouldn't work (the boy cut classes and caused all manner of difficulty), he had Tomas sent to the mercenary's hall for training in swordsmanship, hoping that this would satisfy Tomas's wild streak while also preparing him for a career in the guard. Tomas was a popular guard with fellow low ranking guards but caused a good deal of trouble due to some encounters with thieves' guild types and the tendency to "patrol" the bars to the exclusion of other areas of the city.
    Tomas eventually wound up learning much of performance and magic from his natural father later.
    After several adventures near and under Tel Akbar, Tomas put his considerable talents to use fighting against the elves in the United Kingdoms. Cut off from his army and deep behind enemy lines Tomas went north and ended up exploring some of the dangerous Ki kiri jungles as well as the nearby deserts. This eventually lead to his passage to the midden kingdoms. Although Tomas can return home if need be, he is busily exploring this strange new place that even legends in Tel Akbar do not tell much of.

Height: 5'4", Weight: 120 lb, Eyes: Brown Hair: Black, Age: 26
Skills: Quickdraw, Packing, Jumping, Singing, Musical Instrument - Lute, Etiquette, Local History of Tel-Akbar, Rope Use, Spellcraft, Swimming, Cooking, Fire Building, Running, Tumbling, Set Snares.
Languages: Thennish, Midden Tongue
Special Items: Ring of Phantom Form, Brazier of Commanding Fire Elementals, Scroll of Repitition, Potion of Vampirism, Potion of Elasticity, Scroll (Chromatic Orb, Fascinate, Delude, Dispel Magic), Scimitar+4, Arrows of Multiplicity +1, Bracers of Deflection AC 2, Boots of the North
Spells: 1st Level: Read Magic, Detect Magic, Comprehend Languages, Identify, Magic Missile, Shield, Unseen Servant, Enlarge, Jump; 2nd Level: Continual light, invisibility, Melf's Acid Arrow, Knock, Wizard lock, Mirror Image, Web, ESP, Detect Evil; 3rd Level: Flame Arrow, Fly, Haste, Slow, Dispel Magic, Invisible Mail, Wraithform, Fireball, Non-detection; 4th Level: Stoneskin, Improved Invisibility, Wall of Fire, Wind Breath, Polymorph Self, Otiluke's Resilient Sphere, Wizard Eye, Illusionary Wall, Dimension Door; 5th Level: Advanced Illusion, Sniloc's Major Missile, Iron Guard, Lower Resistance, Tenser's Destructive Resonance, Improved Blink, Wall of Iron, Teleport, Contact Other Plane; 6th Level: Reincarnation, Chain Lightning, Antimagic Shell.