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Torus Blackburn

Chaotic Good Male Human
Level 9 Fighter

Str 18   Dex 17   Con 15   Int 15   Wis 12   Cha 12   Hit Points: 94

Status: Dead

This inspiring warrior traveled with Archaios for several years. Torus towered over most men, standing over six feet tall. Matching his size was his incredible strength and neigh unbeatable quickness, making him a champion in contests of skill and combat. His adventuring days began far in the west, along the wild coast. There he was part of the resistance army against the forces of Murmandamus. After a mis-understanding of orders which caused him to slay a friendly mage, Torus fled east to the United Kingdoms and eventually found his way to Tel-Akbar. There he met Archaios. The two of them traveled through-out the Crescent Forests and through-out the Eastern Empire, conquering many foes, including a terrible Pit Fiend, and traveled to many strange places, such as the underwater layer of a great Dragon Turtle. Later, while accompanying Archaios on a quest that was to take them over the Great Jarik Glacier, they were assulted by hordes of undead and a powerful lich. Torus, stricken with magical fear, fled, chased by a spectre. After the terrible battle all that could be found of him was a trail of equipment across the tundra of the glacier where he had dropped what he could to aid in keeping out of the spectre's reach. His body was found in a chasm of ice, withered by the spectres evil touch.