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Forums: Atlas

Realm of the Hungry
Started on April 14th, 2005 at 6:46PM CST by Rathe
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I was just wondering, there seem to be a lot of very cool realms outside of the main realm.  Like the Realm of the Hungry and such.  I was wondering if there was any information on them or am I just blind?

Realm of the Hungry
Posted on April 16th, 2005 at 4:22PM CST by Sulerin [bookmark]  [printable]  [reply]

Presently we're revamping the Atlas area so that some of the finer details are easier for people to find. We're also including some higher quality maps and beginning detail of several political bodies. This will evolve over the next couple weeks and at the same time I'll be doing more work on the forums: conjuring more functionality and smiting some bugs out of existence.

After that I'll write up an overview of one of the other realms. Maybe I should create a little polling system to see which one people are most interested in. I guess that will have to go into my to-do list for another day.

On the same topic of the other realms of the multiverse though, our campaign is presently traveling in Balbros and I'm sure I'll have some material for the website when that is done with.

Briefly,  the "Realm of the Hungry" is where selfish spirits and outsiders dwell in eternal dissatisfaction, lusting and coveting what all the multiverse has. Some realize their plight at first, but all residents eventually come to embrace the "flavor" of the realm as it becomes their nature.

The "Realm of Terror" is more like a traditional "abyss" of sorts. It is a realm of rampant and merciless chaos, filled with terrible insane evils.

The "Realm of the Wicked" is similar to "hell" in that it is a realm of evil dictators who relentlessly work to grind all of their desperate subject's hopes into nothingness, enslaving their will eternally except for those few who thrive and learn to work the political mechanations of the realm.

When more content becomes available for these you will be able to find it in our
The Multiverse section.

Any ideas of what kinds of things might be found in these "Outer Realms" are certainly welcome, as are any questions which might spur further creativity.