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Prescient Death

Upon command, the wearer of this ring can cause himself to fall into a death like state so complete that his heart stops beating, his breath ceases, and for all purposes the wearer is dead. The wearer will remain in this state until a specific event occurs, after which his body will return to life. No loss of level or constitution are incurred. The trigger event which brings the wearer to life must be an event which the wearer could reasonably learn of, were they alive. Triggers such as "in one hour", "when the moon is full", or "when the word zannot is spoken over me" are all examples of reasonable trigger events.
    Any damage done to the wearers body during this time is instantly regenerated, no matter how drastic the results, when the ring revives the wearer. Should the ring be destroyed or removed while a creature is subject to its effects, that creature dies. However, while activated, the ring cannot be removed by any means short of a remove curse spell cast by a 20th level priest or higher.
Caster Level: 20th;
Prerequisites: Forge Ring raise dead, contingency;
Market Price: 81,000 gp;
Weight: -