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Axe of Ur

This woodsman's handaxe is rather normal in appearance, but is obviously magical to any who pick it up as a tingly sensation travels through their body. A small crescent moon and star symbol carved just beneath the head of the axe blade are easily visible.
    As this +1 enhanced handaxe weighs little more than a few gold coins, it can be carried by nearly anyone. When imminent danger threatens the wielder of the axe a telepathic warning alerts the bearer with a mental nudge, allowing the wielder to make a Reflex check (DC 12) to avoid being surprised. Additionally, the axe does an extra 1d6 points of damage to magical beasts and the axe also ignores the hardness of wood material items.
    This axe was said to have been given to a woodsman by the name of Ulthor upon the freeing of a genie who had been imprisoned in a tree that the woodsman cut down (thus freeing the genie). The woodsman asked for a axe which would aid him in his work, and thus was given this by the genie before they parted ways.
Caster Level: 12th;
Prerequisites: Craft Magical Arms and Armors;
Market Price: 24,000gp;
Weight: -