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The wielder of this blade may sacrifice their blood into the item, effectively storing upto 10 hit-points into the blade. These hit points cannot be healed for as long as the sword holds them and cannot be discharged from the sword except as detailed below.
    Should the sword bearers hit points fall to 0 or less than enough hit points are transferred from the sword to keep the wielder of the blade above 0 hit points. Each hit point stored in the sword heals two hit-points of inflicted damage.
    Additionally, for as long as the blade holds one or more of the wielders hit points, the wielder of the sword is immune to all death effects; incliding, but not limited to Power Word: Kill, Disintegrate, Finger of Death, and other spells or spell-like effects which instantly kill their target.
Caster Level: 12th;
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Deathwatch, Shield Other, Spell Immunity;
Market Price: 78,000gp;
Weight: 10 lb.