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Sword of the Stone Lord

Though this +1 enchanted bastard sword is made of stone it is still light as a feather. Anyone holding this blade can walk through stone at will, as if it was air.
    Around the knob of the swords pommel are written the words, "Kyn ot Lyn Svon, Bryt ob Bryn Svon." When translated the words read, "Kin of Living Stone, Brought by Broken Stone." Examining the pommel reveals that there are numerous dents as if it had been used to crush something hard. A sacrifice of gems valued no less than 1000 gp, crushed to dust beneath the pommel of the sword has an 80% chance of summoning a large, 10 hit die earth elemental. A successful summoning can be performed once per week. The elemental will perform one task which takes no more than 1 hour and then return to the Elemental Plane of Earth.
Caster Level: 11th;
Prerequisites: Create Magic Arms and Armor, Summon Monster VI, Meld into Stone;
Market Price: 32,000gp;
Weight: 2 lb.