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This legendary sword is part of the prize to be won at the great competition known as "Shieldmeet," which is held once a year in the Eastern Empire. The competition is huge and complex; the best of the best and winning competitor receives both the magical greatsword, Garrotswing, and the Crown of Hammers but also 2000 platinum coins. Each year, the champion from the year prior must defend and prove himself worthy of the title once more, or relinquish the sword and crown - he gets to keep the money.
    Garrotswing is a sun-golden bladed sword with a +4 enchantment and several other powers. The sword is bane to undead, its enhancement bonus is +6 against such creatures and it deals an extra 2d6 damage. Further it has a 75% chance of absorbing any energy draining or ability score damaging attack cause by negative energy that is inflicted upon its bearer. On command, the blade radiates daylight, as the spell, for as long as the bearer desires.
    Lastly, the blade has the property of being Sol Touched. A property which allows the weapon to ignore a creatures damage resistance. This property testifies to the ancientness of the blade which has served the Eastern Empire and its people well for nearly all of recorded history.
    Many great, historical warriors have held Garrotswing. Some winners of the tournament place it away as a trophy, leaving it untouched, but the sword is meant to be used and those who do so in the name of good are likely champions whose names will live on for many years to come.
Caster Level: 21st;
Prerequisites: Create Magical Arms and Armor, Create Epic Magical Arms and Armor, Daylight, Deathward, Holy Smite;
Market Price: 2,420,350 gp;
Cost to Create: 1,210,175gp, 34,203 XP
Weight: 15 lb.