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Exus Mitalbre

This mighty, +5 enchanted greatsword is crafted from brilliantly beautiful mithral, polished to an almost mirror-like quality. Strong and straight bladed, Exus Mitalbre cannot be wielded by any who know their actions to be evil, or any with less than a 16 strength.
    Exus Mitalbre is said to have been forged at the Anvil of Lathidus and given to one of his servants with the command to bestow it to the most worthy warrior which could be found. Unfortunately, the god Hiteh found the servant before the service could be fulfilled and killed him. Hiteh, finding no weakness in the weapon by which he could pervert its purpose, flung the sword into the oceans where it rested for untold centuries until found by a priestess of Chishleen.
    Knowing the weapon for what it was, the item was delivered into the hands of the High Priest of Lathidus in the Eastern Empire. The evil gods sent hordes of undead to attack the bearer of the magic blade, so to protect its wielder, the god Lathidus bestowed upon it it's powers of protection against undead and otherworldly creatures.
    Unable to assault the wielder of the blade, holy assassins of the Dark God, Zhakrin, stole the blade in the night. Since then, its history is unclear, but the blade has arisen in the hands of many strong warriors of the various good faiths.
    Exus Mitalbre is a holy sword which chooses who can wield it; no one else can pick it up. It is typically found in the hands of a paladin who is highly favored by his god. The sword continuously radiates daylight when drawn as silvery white flames lick up from its rune covered blade. The wielder of the blade, and all allies within a 30 foot radius gain the benefits of bless and protection from evil when the sword is drawn. The wielder of the sword gains spell resistance 21. Exus Mitalbre does an additional 2d6 points of damage to all evil creatures.
    By its own choice, without consent of its wielder, Exus Mitalbre can cast the following spells (18th level casting ability): bless water (at will), detect evil (at will), discern lies (at will), dream (at will), heal (1/day), locate creature (3/day), locate object (3/day), righteous might (1/day), and word of recall (1/week).
    Exus Mitalbre has the special purpose of bringing ruin or returning to the path of honesty and righteousness those who lie and spread evil. It is never found in the hands of a person who lives dishonestly or who does not revere Lathidus. In pursuit of this goal, it encourages its possessor to travel and learn of people in power so that it might learn which people in power it should bring its focus upon to best accomplish its goals.
    Exus Mitalbre is an intelligent weapon, able to communicate its desires to its wielder through it ability to cast dream. It is Lawful Good, has a wisdom of 17, a intelligence of 14, a charisma of 10, and an ego of 34. It is able to use the skill Sense Motive on any creature within 60 feet as though it possessed 10 ranks in that skill.
Caster Level: 20th;
Weight: 7 lbs.