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Robes of the Neverworld

These unique and prized robes show the night sky in their weave, changing as the real night sky actually would appear, complete with moons and planets traveling across it's cloth.
    When worn by a spellcaster, these robes bestow a +6 deflection bonus to their wearer and grant them the ability to cast invisibility (at will) and darkness (3/day). The wearer gains the benefit of pass without trace and freedom of movement; both of these powers are constant effects which cannot be turned off. Finally, most miraculously of all, a mage wearing these robes has no need for material components when casting spells.
Magical Aura: Strong Abjuration, Strong Conjuration
Caster Level: 20th;
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, darkness, invisibility, pass without trace, shield of faith;
Market Price: 206,640 gp;
Weight: -