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Shield of Ur

The same woodsman who earned the Axe of Ur from a genie who was freed when the woodsman Ur cut down the tree the genie was imprisoned within, later earned this prize in his woodcutting travels.
    One wintry afternoon, while on his way through the woods the woodsman came across the scene of a great, rabid grizzly bear attacking a brown badger near a riverside. The grizzly was about to lay the final blow to crush the smaller creature, or so the legend goes, when it saw Ur the Woodsman and so turned to attack him for a larger meal. As the bear charged, Ur stood his place, and taking his axe - in a flash of winter sunlight - he clove the grizzly's great head in two.
    Turning to see the condition of the brown badger and finding it in a poor state of health, the woodsman took it home with him to nurse it back to health. That evening, while sitting by the fireside with the wounded badger wrapped in cloth close to the warmth, the old woodsman fell into a light slumber. Suddenly, as the darkest part of the night passed and the fire quietly crackled, there was a loud whooshing sound and the sound of furniture being knocked aside. The woodsman leapt to his feet, reaching for his trusted axe, when before his eyes there stood the same great genie who had bestowed upon him the very axe he held in his hands.
    The genie bowed elegantly and thanked the woodsman for once again saving him from a nasty fate. In return he asked the woodsman what he would have. The woodsman thought about it a moment asked for a cloak which would help him keep warm in his hunting. The great genie bowed, clapped his magnificent hands together and disappeared. Resting upon the woodsman's shoulders was the warm pelt of the grizzly bear which he had slain.
    This great mantle can be recognized by the tattoo of a crescent moon and star just inside the neck of the cloak. The cloak doubles as a shield against all attacks, granting its wearer a +3 armor bonus to armor class and a +3 resistance bonus to saving throws. Any attack against the cloak feels much the same as if one had swung against a steel wall. The cloak grants its wearer the ability to pass without trace and camoflage (src: Magic of Faerun, pg. 83). The Shield of Ur doubles as either a shield or a heavy cloak.
Caster Level: 9th;
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Wondrous Item, camoflage, pass without trace;
Market Price: 36,900 gp;
Weight: 2 lb.