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The Moonrod is an ivory rod about 3 feet long and an inch in diameter. Along either base the rod is studded with rounded white opals and sparkling amythists. The powers of the Moonrod wax and wane with the passing of the moons. At full moon the powers double in duration while at a new moon they are only half as effective. Likewise, during a full moon each power can be used five times per day, decreasing until the new moon where each power is only available once a day.
On command, the rod can perform the following spell-like functions (command words are included in parenthesis): levitate (lahna), hypnotic pattern (menda), spectral hand (speta), and invisibility (visae).
    Any who touch the rod gain low-light vision for one hour.
Caster Level: 9th;
Prerequisites: Craft Rod, levitate, hypnotic pattern, invisibility, spectral hand;
Market Price: 25,920 gp;
Weight: 5 lb.