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Stitches of Woe

This foul and most horrible magical item was wrought by some fiendish demon of the nether hells in retribution against an unfortunate sorcerer who had sought to force it to task. These magical stitches, or sutures, work like those a doctor might use to seal up a wound, but no doctor but the most twisted would place these stitches upon another creature's flesh.
    The stitches are an ugly blue in appearance and made from a thick mesh of demonic flesh and sinew. When found they are already attached to another creature; pity to the unfortunate who happens to find them.
    When the victim of the stitches finally dies the next sentient mortal to touch the corpse becomes afflicted by the curse of the stitches unless a successful Reflex save (DC 20). Success indicates that the victim-to-be successfully ceased contact with the corpse before the stitches of the corpse could penetrate their skin.
    The first thing to happen to one afflicted with the stitches is that the mouth and eyes of the cursed are suddenly, painfully stitched shut with the blue, demonic thread of sinew. Then, every time that the victims flesh is harmed, more stitches appear, crisscrossing each wound the afflicted suffers and causing horrible, paralytic pain which lasts 1d6 rounds per attack suffered without save. The dexterity of one so afflicted by the Stitches of Woe is permanently reduced by 1d4 for every 50 points of damage suffered while under the effects of their curse.
    Rather than starve from hunger and thirst, the stitches ooze a disgusting, yellow puss which seems to keep the victim nourished. Others who touch this revolting puss suffer mildly painful burns.
    The Stitches of Woe cannot be destroyed. Attempts with powerful magic (Mordenkainen's disjunction, rods of cancelation, wish) cause the curse of the stitches to transfer their baleful affliction to the unfortunate meddler.
Caster Level: 19th;
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, bestow curse, binding, creator must be evil;
Market Price: 243,000 gp;
Weight: -