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Engraving of Might

These magical tattoos are granted to great warriors for heroic service to the elven nation of Greentree. Engraving of Might grant an enhancement bonus to their recipients strength by a range of one to six points. These tattoos are rare as they must be enchanted as they are made, requiring the spell-caster to have the tattoo artist craft skill. Creatures who receive multiple engravings only benifit from the most powerful engraving; their effect is not cumulative. These do not take up a magic item body slot.
Caster Level: +1 str at 5th, +2 str at 8th, +3 str at 11th, +4 str at 14th, +5 str at 17th, +6 str at 20th;
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, 4 ranks craft (tattoo artist), bull's strength;
Market Price: +1 at 2,000gp, +2 for 8,000gp +3 for 18,000gp, +4 for 32,000gp, +5 for 50,000gp, +6 for 72,000gp;
Weight: -