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Urn of Rejuvenating Rest

This ornate urn is colored with many magical sigils and swirls across its surface in a light green dye. The vase stands about three and a half feet tall and is a foot wide at it's largest point. Having placed water within the urn, it will grow a sea green aura briefly and then return to its normal state for all visible purposes. Once water has been placed within the urn will allow any who sleep within 60 feet of it to heal twice as fast as normal. Any who sleep in the activated urns presence also have peaceful dreams and always breath a deliciously pure air which radiates from the vase. No water within 60 feet of the vase can be ruined by poison or purification (it is always pure).
Caster Level: 9th;
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, healing circle;
Market Price: 90,000 gp;
Weight: 14 lb.