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Claw of Baeast

A mythical relic, given by Baeast to his Druids to aid in their tasks. It is a powerful and mysterious weapon and tool. The claw often appears by mysterious circumstance, recognizable on touch by any of the faith of Baeast. It resembles a bears paw with ruddy brown fur and strong black claws. The claw must be attached to a Druids severed wrist and it remains there permanently until the priests death at which time it vanishes and is teleported to circumstances near the most powerful priest of Baeast, where it may again be found. The claw instantly attaches itself to the wearers body and may not be remove short of any means then killing its wearer. Upon wearing the claw the alignment of its wearer instantly changes to Chaotic Neutral, his eyes become yellow, and his body becomes noticeably hairier. Anyone not of the faith of Baeast who voluntarily attempts to attach his wrist to the claw is instantly struck dead and turned to ashes without a save. Priests wearing the claw may present it as their holy symbol. Should the wearer be slain, the claw disappears teleported to the most powerful Druid and the slayer of the wearer is cursed so that all malevolent creatures big and small know his location if within 10 miles, and they will seek him out and attack him. A limited wish will remove this curse, but a remove curse spell is not powerful enough.
    The claw grants the wearer the Improved Unarmed Strike feat, allowing them to attack with the claw for 1d6+5 damage. The priest gains the spell-like powers of camouflage, pass without trace, tree stride, speak with animals, and animal friendship. Most animals will recognize the claw and obey the user without need of a charm spell. The wearer may move silently with 100% skill in any sylvan setting. The Claw bestows a +2 deflection and resistance bonus to the wearer. The wearer also gains a climb movement of 20 feet. Once per month, the bearer may use the Claw as a Rod of Rulership on all beasts, animals, and vermin within the area of effect. The rulership effect lasts for 4d4 hours. Last, the wearer never has need for nourishment when in sylvan environments.
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