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Six Rings of Arcanus

These six rings are each of a different color and they are held together by a ring of steel. Each of the rings is about half an inch thick and a foot in diameter. The origins of this item are suspected to originate from the Arcane, thus the name. Though the Arcane so far claim nothing of it. Whatever the origins of the mysterious colored rings, each has a different power by itself, combined with the steel ring each has another power, and all the rings combined have one power. Each power may be invoked by holding the correct combination of rings and placing one's will upon them. All gate effects function as per the spell. Each power of the rings can be used once per month and function as a 20th level caster except as were noted.
    Black: All creatures within 100 feet (Fortitude negates, see DMG for disease DC ratings) are afflicted with a contagion.
    Purple: ethereal jaunt for one hour.
    Blue: teleport. The ring recharges the 10 charges each month. One creature can be teleported for each charge expended.
    Red: fire storm.
    Orange: power word: stun.
    Gold: cure disease, affects all creatures in a 100 foot radius area effect.
    Black and Steel: gate to the demi-plane of Shadow.
    Purple and Steel: gate to the Ethereal plane.
    Blue and Steel: gate to the Astral Plane.
    Red and Steel: gate to the Nine Hells.
    Orange and Steel: gate to the Elemental Axis.
    Gold and Steel: gate to the Seven Heavens.
    All colored rings: wish (functions once, then the rings are teleported away).
Weight: 8 lb.