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Sword of Mishima/Mindama

These Dai-Katanas were created by the Celestial Order as a prison for the Storm Dragon. The spirit of the dragon was separated and imprisoned into two giant pearls, one white and one black. These pearls are set into the pommels of the swords Mishima and Mindama, in that respective order. The swords were scattered apart from each other.
    The Storm Dragon can only be released if both swords are awakened and then touched to each other. When the awakened swords come near each other they will begin to flame, hum, and vibrate; stronger as they get closer. Should the swords go unused for a year they fall back "asleep."
    Each sword is a magnificent work of art. The hilts are carved in the likeness of the neck of a dragon, with the blade of the sword coming forth from the mouth of the dragon hilt. Each scale is delicately carved in the ivory hilt at the bottom of which is the pommel in the shape of a claw, holding the giant pearl of the sword. The blade is silky smooth, perfectly balanced, razor sharp, and mirror-like in its polish. It has engravings of storm clouds deep within its strange steel, visible occasionally in the right light. When swung, shreds of flame peal away from the blade as it cuts the very air about it; this flame causes no damage. The swords are magically enchanted to become perfectly balanced for any who pick it up, a perfectly fitted weapon for any given person. Being a Dai Katana, the Sword of Mishima or its mate, both have a single edge. Their hilts are big enough to accommodate two hands, and the blades are longer and gently curved at the very end. The swords are nearly weightless and are unencumbering.
    Each of these +5 enchanted swords have five powers and gain an additional five powers upon awakening. Awakening the sword requires the use of four or more of its effects between the sunrise of one day and the next. When drawn from its pearl encrusted sheath, the sword emits a great thunderclap. All creatures within 100 feet of the sword, except its bearer, must make a Fortitude save (DC 17) or be deafened for 2d4 rounds. On mental command the sword will radiate bright golden flames from its blade, effecting an area of daylight, as the spell, in a 60 foot radius area. The sword may be instantly called to hand, disappearing from its sheath or wherever it may have lain. If the sword was sheathed when called in this manner than a peal of thunder booms from the sword with a deafening effect. This allows the owner of the sword to effectively quick draw or recover the blade as a free action. Lastly, once per week the wielder of the sword can summon an large air elemental to do their bidding by placing the tip of the sword into the ground, spending a full round in concentration, and making a successful Wisdom check (DC 10). The elemental performs any reasonable request and departs 1d4x10 minutes later. The bearer of the sword may attempt as many times as necessary to summon the elemental, but it can only be successfully done once a week.
    Once four or more abilities of the sword have been used between one sunrise and the next the sword becomes awakened. An awakened sword has an intelligence of 22, a wisdom of 23, a charisma of 22, and an ego of 43. The sword constantly whispers thoughts of valor, fury, success, bravery, and glory to its holder, and constantly bids for the searching of its twin blade. Should the wielder of the sword resist and pursue a lifestyle which does not contain the above elements the sword may attempt to mentally dominate the wielder.
    An awakened blade is a powerful artifact. In addition to its unawakened powers the blade can now control weather. Once an hour the blade can call lightning for 10d10 damage. The wielder becomes aware of Outsiders, able to discern which creatures within 40 feet are in fact Outsiders. The swords enchantment increases to +5/+10 vs earth and fire elementals.
    Lastly, the wielder gains the ability to summon a powerful tornado once per month by placing the tip of the sword into the ground, concentrating for one full round, and making a wisdom check (DC 12). When successful, the pearl in the hilt of the blade soars into the sky and in the following round the sky darkens and a hurricane funnel touches down from the sky to someplace within 100 feet of the sword bearer. Maintaining the presence of the whirlwind requires the full concentration of the sword wielder. All creatures within 100 feet of the Tornado (except the sword bearer) suffer from 175 to 300 mph winds (see DMG page 87 for details of tornado force winds). The sword bearer may direct the tornados movement with a successful wisdom check (DC 12) and may move the tornados area of effect up to 200 feet at a time. On a failed check whose natural die roll was equal to 1, the tornado moves in a random direction. The tornado lasts for 4d6 rounds or until the bearers concentration is broken, at which time the pearl falls from the sky and into the pommel of the sword with a deafening clap of thunder.
Weight: 1 lb.