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Sword of the Void

The mighty, +6 enchanted, two-handed greatsword, also known as Agor Thar , is a malignant weapon of unearthly power. The black blade is finely sculptured in the shape of two serpentine tails wrapped about each other, the blade is textured and shaped so that the tails which intertwine to form the blade ripple with scales. The blade is made from some unknown black steel, not found anywhere else except in the sword's companion shield. The large hilt of the sword is wrought from the finest adamantine alloys , the quillions flair away from the hilt, arching back, towards the pommel and also arching around to the blade. Embedded in the quillions are hundreds of tiny, and incredibly rare, black sapphires. The pommel of the sword is its most valuable and unique component. Somehow, in a process never duplicated since, Torim Zurkies was able to sever a portion of a Heartstone and placed it as the pommel of his magnificent blade, so that he might always gain the benefit of the stones magic regenerative properties. How Torim managed to create this fantastic artifact is unknown. The blade's name, Agor-Thar, means Eater of Souls, in the Old Tongue.
    The blade has an intelligence of 18, a wisdom of 14, a charisma of 21, and an ego of 38. When first touched, the blade attempts to take control over the wielder and continues to exert its will over its bearer so that it can achieve its purpose, to return its original master, Torim Zurkies, to life. The blade is darkly evil and will volunteer no advice upon any subject aside from resurrecting its original master. Occasionally the blade will murmur dark chanting into its wielders head or groan in agony from missing its true master. Any non-evil creature who picks up the sword gains two negative levels and a contagion. The negative levels go away when the non-evil creature relinquishes the sword. Any person can wield the sword as if they had proficiency in it, without penalty.
    The powers of Agor-Thar are many. The presence of the small sphere of Heartstone in its pommel allows any mage the energy to cast twice as many spells as they normally are able to. Bound to the scabbard of the sword are magics to protect its wearer from the effects of spellburn. Creatures hit by the blade on a natural roll of 18, 19, or 20 who possess fewer than 5 HD, are instantly disintegrated. The wielder of the sword gains immunity to all Enchantment and Illusion magics. He is also immune to all poisons and gains a +4 resistance bonus to all saving throws. The blade is keen and can telepathically communicate with any creature whose intelligence is greater than 3. Lastly, the wielder of the blade gains a +6 profane bonus to their charisma score.
Weight: 15 lb.