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Cloak of Water and Shadow

This fine sable cloak is a deep forest green on one side and an inky black on the other. It is reversible, allowing for wear with either side turned out. When the green side is turned out, the wearer can water walk. When the black side is turned out and the wearer holds still in shadows, they become invisible.
    Last, if the wearer wears the black side out and enters a shadow, they can will themselves to enter the Plane of Shadow. Doing so is a dangerous task for many dangerous creatures dwell in the Plane of Shadow, and should one lose focus of where they are going they may be forever lost in that shadowy realm. Should the wearer fix in their mind a picture of a place which they have visited in the past, before entering the Plane of Shadow, then for as long as they are on that plane they can sense the direction that they must travel to reach that destination. Travel through the Plane of Shadow is much faster than on the Prime Material Plane, allowing the bearer to travel roughly seven miles for every 10 minutes of travel. Should the bearer suffer harm while they travel then they must make a concentration check (DC 10 + damage dealt) or lose their way and be unable to return. This last power can be used only once per day.
Caster Level: 13th;
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Water Walk, Shadow Walk;
Market Price: 77,760 gp;
Weight: 3 lb.