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Alriel, a talented bard of Tenerthor descent was caught in a terrible storm while upon the Sea of Lost Souls. By a miracle she drifted to shore on the edge of the Jarik Glacier. There she was found and rescued by fae from the Winter Court. Once she had healed she was brought before the Queen who asked her what favor she could provide in return for her well being. Having nothing more to offer than her skills, Alriel offered to play for the Queen's court until her debt had been repaid. So impressed was the Queen of the Winter Court with the talents of the young bard that she summoned fabled Frostgaze, an incredibly old dragon, to bring forth a wondrous gift from its lair in the Cliffs of Jamar. Frostgaze collected many musical delights in its hoard for the winds that batter the Jamar coastline to play, but the wind could not play Icesinger and so it brought the flute at the request of the Winter Queen. Alriel returned to her people with the flute, using it to cross the sea with its icy song. Since then, the flute has traveled from one bard's hand to the next, staying upon the Jarik Glacier.
    Crafted from the claw of a white dragon and infused with the spirit of an ice paraelemental, this flute has powers over water and cold. It appears as a bone white flute that glimmers in sunlight with coursing blue waves beneath its surface. When played well it alights with eldritch blue fire and the nearby air becomes noticibly colder. It is glossy smooth and cool to the touch, making it slightly more difficult to play than a normal flute.
    Using the flute requires that it be played. The greater the skill level of its artist, the greater effects that are available.
    Perform DC 15: The musician may freeze a quantity of liquid equal to their Perform check in cubic feet. The musician can only affect one body of liquid per round. Attended liquids, such as potions, are allowed a Fortitude save (DC = Perform check) to resist the effect. Use: At will, full round action, may be performed continuously.
    Perform DC 20: Grant resist energy, cold upon 1 creature of the musician's choosing within 30 feet. The musician may affect one additional creature for every +5 added to the DC. The musician sets the DC of each attempt before beginning to play. For example, to affect three creatures the musician must succeed a DC 25 Perform check; if failed then no creature is affected. Use: 3/day, full round action.
    Perform DC 25: The user may shape ice as though using the spell stone shape. The musician may shape any ice within 30 ft, affecting a volume of ice equal to their perform check plus ten cubic feet. Use: 3/day, full round action.
    Perform DC 30: Summons a chilling fog which fills a 20 foot radius about the musician plus 5 ft. per 10 points above thirty which the musician surpassed the Perform DC. For example, a Perform check result of 50 would fill a 30 ft. radius. All creatures not recognized by the musician are slowed for as long as they remain in the fog (Fort DC = Perform Check to negate slow effect). Creatures within 5 ft. of each other have concealment from each other (20% mischance). Creatures farther away have
Elder Ice Paraelemental: CR 11 Huge elemental (air, cold); HD 24d8+96; hp 204; Init +9; Spd 30 ft.; AC 26, touch 17, flat-footed 17; Base Atk. +16; Grap +31; Atk +23 melee (2d8+5/19-20 claw, plus 2d8 cold); Full Atk +23/+18/+13/+8 melee (2d8+5/19-20 claw, plus 2d8 cold); Space/Reach 10 ft./10 ft.; SA chill metal; SQ cold subtype, darkvision 60 ft., elemental, DR 15/magic; AL N; SV Fort +12, Ref +23, Will +8; Str 22, Dex 29, Con 18, Int 6, Wis 11, Cha 11.
    Skills: Listen +26, Spot +26; Feats: Awesome Blow, Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Improved Critical (icicle), Mobility, Power Attack, Spring Attack, Weapon Finesse (icicle).
    Chill Metal (Su): As druid spell except affects everything within 30 ft. radius. Fort DC 22 negates.
    Cold Subtype: Immune to cold. Takes +50% damage from fire.
    Elemental: Immune to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, stunning. Not subject to critical hits or flanking. Does not eat, sleep, or breathe.
    Source: Manual of the Planes [WTC11850]
total concealment (50% miss chance, and the attacker can't use sight to locate the target).
    A moderate wind (11+ mph disperses the fog in 4 rounds; a strong wind (21+ mph) disperses the fog in 1 round.
    The cold fog does not move with the musician, but remains in place for a number of rounds equal to the musician's perform check. The musician may dispel the fog by playing the summons backwards; this is a full round action. Use: 2/day, full round action.
    Perform DC 40: All ally's weapons within 30 feet gain the frost weapon enhancement for a number of rounds equal to the musician's Perform check. Use: 1/day, standard action.
    Perform DC 50: Opens a gate to the para-elemental plane of ice and summons 1d4 elder ice paraelementals. The gate appears within 30 ft. of the musician and the paraelementals stay and serve a number of rounds equal to one-half of musician's Perform check. Use: 1/day, full round action.
Magical Aura: Strong evocation, strong transmutation;
Prerequisites: Caster 20th;
Weight: -