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Stylus of Secret Script

Favored by wizards and other keepers of dangerous knowledge, these magical writing devices ensure that unwanted eyes don't gain access to that which is scribed by them. Using the stylus requires only that the protected text is written with it. Once the text has been finished (a page, a book, or just a sentence) the holder of the stylus simply speaks the password or phrase which will allow reading of the document to be unhindered. Once set, the password for a given text cannot be changed. Thereafter, any who speak the phrase before attempting to read the text may do so without trouble. However if an attempt is made to read the text without first speaking aloud the secret phrase the written text vanishes, forever undone and unrecoverable.
    Text written with the stylus radiates faint transmutation magic. There is no limit to the number of texts which may be scribed with the stylus. A dispel magic destroys any text written with a stylus of secret script (DC 16). Text written with the stylus is receptive to additional protective magicks.
    A stylus of secret script is crafted from the hairs of a displacer beast which have been fused together with warm milk and magic.
Magical Aura: Moderate transmutation;
Prerequisites: Illusory script;
Market Price: 24,000gp;
Cost to Create: 12,000gp and 960xp;
Weight: lbs.