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Door of Mouths

Imprisoned within these metal doors are maddened elemental spirits which crave nothing more than the flesh of creatures which touch them. When inanimate these doors look like any other metal door, but when awoken they become covered with mouths whose tongues attempt to grapple and whose mouths attempt to devour all intruders. Those named by their master and creator may pass unmolested, but woe to the rogue that places his ear against this door.
    These doors can only be crafted from metal. The hardness of the metal used is magically enhanced by +10. Doors crafted from special materials retain the material property after being crafted. Thus an adamantine door is able to bypass the hardness of materials which it attempts to devour and a cold-iron forged door is able to penetrate X/cold iron damage reduction.
    The doors can be created to allow specific individuals to pass, individuals who carry a specific item (such as the holy
Grapple   Attack   Damage   Fortitude
Large +17 +12 2d8+7 +10
Huge +29 +19 2d10+9 +15
Greater +33 +23 2d10+10 +17
symbol of a particular god), and may also be passworded so that only those who speak the proper phrase before attempting to open the door may pass without harm. These keys which allow safe passage are set at the time that the door is created and cannot be changed afterwards.
    The door attempts to grapple any creature that comes within five feet, grappling and dealing damage as an earth elemental appropriate to that which is bound inside. Once the door has successfully grappled a creature it automatically deals damage each round as though it was an earth elemental making slam attacks, however its damage type is changed to slashing/piercing.
    A successful dispel magic causes the door to become dormant for one round. The below are for a 2 inch thick door.

Door Material   Hardness   Hit Points   Break DC   Cost to Create    Market Price
Iron 20 60 25 35,500gp +2800xp 70,500gp
Cold Iron 20 60 25 38,000gp +2800xp 73,000gp
Mithral 25 60 33 62,000gp +2800xp 97,000gp
Adamantine 30 80 38 80,000gp +2800xp 115,000gp
Obdurium 40 120 56 125,000gp +2800xp   160,000gp

Magical Aura: Strong conjuration;
Prerequisites: binding, magic mouth, summon monster VI (large elemental), caster level 15th;