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Codex of Secrets

This thin black book operates similar to a legend lore spell. Questions are written upon a page of the book and on a morning 1d4 days later a legend lore result to the question or subject written upon the page appears. The response of the book details legends concerning the subject of the question, as the spell normally would. The resulting lore should be as complete and specific as though the inscriber had the subject at hand that was being inquired about. The answer to a question remains written within the book until the sun sets on the day that they have been read, after which the page magically vanishes from the book. Only the inscriber of the question can read the answer returned by the book, though there is no prohibition to them reading it aloud or copying the information to elsewhere. When found, this book contains 10 plus 4d10 pages. A new book contains 50 pages.
Magical Aura: Strong divination;
Prerequisites: legend lore;
Market Price: 78,550gp;
Cost to Create: 45,550gp plus 2,640xp;
Weight: 2