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Vestments of Clannadigan

These mithril chain vestments weigh little more than were they cloth. A twining river of elemental power shimmers through the links of metal, giving the vestments an unearthly glow (10 foot radius). The wearer of these vestments is continually under the effect of a protection from evil (+2 deflection bonus to AC, +2 resistance bonus to saves against attacks made or effects created by evil creatures, blocks attempts to possess the warded creature, prevents bodily contact by summoned creatures). However the AC bonus becomes sacred and it increases to +4 should the wearer by a devout worshiper of Clannadigan. This is a vest slot item.
Magical Aura: Strong abjuration [good];
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms & Armor, Craft Wondrous Item, protection from evil;
Market Price: 41,310 gp;
Cost to Create: 20,655 gp and 1,652 XP;
Weight: 8 lb.