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Signet Ring of Mithrilguard

This ring is forged from adamantine steel and inlaid with platinum so that it shows the sigil of the Mithrilguard Clan. It was once the possession of the thurbardaine of that clan. Inside the band the symbols of Clannadigan, Khazadul, and Tholin are engraved with platinum. Each dwarven thurbardaine who has held it can invest their good advice into the ring for future generations to learn from. It gives its wearer to the ability to know the deepest conviction of those upon whom he gazes, revealing their primary allegiance (full round action, one target creature within 30 feet); a +4 sacred bonus to all saves; a +4 insight bonus to Wisdom; and once per week its bearer can invoke the effects of a Greater Heroism spell, whose benefits can optionally be bequeathed upon a creature who is loyal to the ring bearer. Chaotic or evil creatures who wear the ring gain no benefit and suffer -2 negative levels until they remove the ring.
Magical Aura: Strong enchantment, transmutation, and abjuration; moderate divination.;
Caster Level: 20th
Prerequisites: Forge Ring, Detect Thoughts, Greater Heroism;
Market Price: 126,030 gp;
Cost to Create: 63,015 gp and 5,041 XP;
Weight: -