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Orb of Souls

Thought to have been crafted by a powerful undead ruler, this orb has passed through numerous evil ruler's hands, where it has been used to solidify their tyrannical rule. The orb is roughly six inches in diameter and wreathed constantly with ethereal flames of pure white. It uses the power of the souls trapped within it to fuel its abilities. To be used it must be held in a bare, uncovered hand. While wielded in hand the orb grants the following abilities to the creature which holds it:

  • +4 enhancement bonus to Charisma. The force of the personalities within the orb add to the wielders own presence.
  • +4 deflection bonus to AC. The souls of contained within the orb provide a spiritual shield about the wielder, protecting them from harm. This also causes the wearer's armor to become ghost touched.
  • Any creature slain by the bearer of the orb must make a Will save (DC 24) or their soul is trapped (as the 8th level spell, trap the soul) within th orb. The orb of souls can contain up to 100 souls.
  • As a standard action, the orb bearer can call forth 1d4 specters from the orb and command them as though they were summoned. Specters which are slain while performing a service in this matter are freed from the control of the orb. Each use of the orb in this manner has a 1% chance per spectre released of releasing all of the specters within the orb. This chance is cumulative for each use of the orb in a 24 hour period. If release en masse in this manner, the specters spend one minute attacking all living creatures within 100 feet of the orb before disappearing into the afterlife. Specters spawned from the orb do not create spawn, but creature's slain by them risk becoming spiritually trapped within the orb. If emptied, the orb loses all powers but for its soul-trapping ability.

Magical Aura: Strong necromancy;
Caster Level: 25th
Weight: 5 lbs.