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Fiend Bind Belt

This carefully braided steel belt of burnished red has four buckles which each look like a different fierce, growling lion. As a standard action, a buckle can be removed and tossed to the floor, summoning a 15HD fiendish dire lion. Slain lions become belt-buckles and cannot be summoned again for one week. The lions serve as commanded for 20 rounds before disappearing. Each lion can be summoned once per day. They can be dismissed as a standard action, causing the belt-buckles to reappear back upon the belt.
    The belt also grants a +6 enhancement bonus to Strength or an 18 Strength, whichever is the greater result.
Magical Aura: Strong conjuration, strong evocation;
Caster Level: 20th
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, summon monster VIII ;
Market Price: 228,000gp;
Cost to Create: 114,000gp and 9,120 XP;
Weight: 2 lbs.