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Stone Maul of Tennet

Once a mighty tool and weapon in the hands of lawful clerics who worshiped Tennet. Now that the god Tennet is no more, this weapon has passed on into obscurity. It was finally lost when the paladin Carahin borne it into the Wastes of Saulos and was slain in battle there by the undead powers that call that land home. It can be identified by the set of balances which are etched into the hammer-head of the maul.
    The Maul of Tennet is a +6 two-handed weapon that deals 2d6 damage and has a critical hit damage-multiplier of x3. It cannot be effectively used by a creature with less than a 16 Strength. On a successful hit it unleashes a might flow of lightning, dealing an additional 3d6 electrical damage. It is axiomatic (lawful) and thus deals an additional 2d6 damage to chaotic creatures, glowing a soft blue when such creatures are near. Finally, if the wielder is a divine caster then the weapon grants access to the Judgement domain, including the special powers of that domain.
Magical Aura: Strong evocation;
Caster Level: 21st;
Prerequisites: Craft Magical Arms and Armors, Craft Epic Magical Arms and Armors, access to the Judgement domain, detect chaos, lightning bolt;
Market Price: 5,780,320gp;
Cost to Create: 2,890,160gp, 67,803 XP;
Weight: 20 lbs.