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Holy Ashes of Ahnkor

These are the last earthly remains of the holy paladin of Arden called Ahnkor Harrinton, Champion of Tenkshystra and Risen Martyr who sacrificed his life twice in battle against evil for the sake of his vows, friends, and the pursuit of holiness.
    The holy ashes of Ahnkor are a fine white powder which softly burns with a steady and low white flame. They eminate an aura of protection from evil which cannot be dispelled or suppressed by antimagic. The ashes shed a pure and holy light in a ten foot radius. The flames create no heat, but any undead that enter into this light immediately suffer 1d4 points of damage and continue to suffer this damage each round that they remains within it.
Magical Aura: Weak abjuration;
Caster Level: 12th;
Weight: lbs.