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Legend of Ilerth

Long ago when Chagode split there were many fractions which played across time and space at the whims of themselves and they had the fundamental powers of the universe for they were part of the now no longer Chagode. And so they fell through the Philogiston and the skies happening occasionally across life, but this was a rare occurrence at best. One , because of its near discovering by the Demonic was destroyed by the sorcerer Lo-Garon. Lo-Garon had been tutored and prepared by the god called Arden and was seen fit to learn not just the elusive lesser path of magic, but also the greater path as wall. This was taught to him by the great dragon Auras Soladia of the Valley of the Saints. At that time he was 7000 years old. And so armed with that magic, he did great good and destroyed the piece of the no more Chagode and the universe was saved from the exploits of infinite power joined and molded by the Demonic.
    Now each piece of the no more Chagode is of nearly unlimited power, but must manifest by placing its power into a creature and possessing that creature whether that piece of the no more Chagode is the purest of evil or the most seemingly.
    And so through the depths of time a piece fell to the lands of the universe of Su-Laad, to the world known as Sulerin, and upon the lands of Irendi in the caves of Tything it made its landing and there it festered waiting for one ready of its power.
    Far in another land in the northern parts of the continent called Irendi a wizard of magnitude known as Keriern Appourin was casting a great spell. His hands weaved and the incarnation was `World walk'. The patterns were brought to bear and from this place he reached into the Vale by accident and brought forth the horror known as Ilerth. And Ilerth was hungry for power as it had been imprisoned in the Beyond since the beginning of time.
    The piece of the no more Chagode felt Ilerth's presence and identified itself to Ilerth as the Ilydache, wishing to find kinder in its name and the Demonic, and it called Ilerth to it so it could control it and weave its powers of evilness upon the world.
    Ilerth heard the call and answered. He slayed the wizard who had brought him forth and hastened to Ilydache, destroying the hole in the Vale of Beyond with the destruction of the Wizard Keriern.
    Ilerth grew powerful and created many abominations with his power and made armies to march from his place to play upon the world. So he set his armies in motion. And the prophecy dictated that one known as Lo-Garon and the companions of such would aide him in the destruction of the creature known as Ilerth. So they quested and hunted down the Daemon and found him in the Caves. They gloriously marched through the ranks of his army and set to the task of infiltrating the Abyss of Tything, as the c aves had become known. They never made it though, for the Abyss of Tything had become too deadly, and only Lo-Garon survived to escape and the Sword of Laurels which had been most advantageous was lost to the Abyss as Lo-Garon sealed the caves with a great enchantment encasing the one known as Ilerth to the depths of the earth.
    But yet, there was evil to this for Ilerth had been encased with the piece of Chagode which was now more known as Ilydache. And Ilerth grew more powerful so until he realized that the enchantment was weak, yet he stayed in the caves growing. Then, 2000 years after Ilerth made war upon the world, he broke free again to rule in darkness and his armies gathered momentum as he took his children to the north where he began from; and he still grew in power. Till such was his power that, no longer would Lo-Garon be a match for him, merely a trouble.
    And he had chosen his time well for it was written that the gods would come to a war and the universe would shake beneath their blows, and they would ignore one such as Ilerth. And Ilerth sought revenge for the injustice it perceived from Lo-Garon and followed him and as Lo-Garon stepped into an extra dimension which was his home Ilerth journeyed to the Astral Realms and severed the extra dimensions connection with the world of Sulerin, imprisoning Lo-Garon for eternity. And so his power grew more so that he could destroy the Ilydache which had been a part of Chagode which is no more, and he did so freeing himself from the depths of the world emerging to call himself Murmandamus. And his armies, called the Black Scourge, were great and dangerous was the havoc which they caused to the planet known as Sulerin. Yet it was told that men would rise to destroy him again. And their deeds would be worldly if their success was to come to pass.