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Prophecy of Akzhar Daer Khazraan

And, Lo, it shall come to pass that the Unbeliever is born to the world , herald this coming my followers for if it is to pass that one who holds joins another to his name that glory will be theirs and the earth will tremble afore the might of their dawning and the brethren before them shall weld power of a Gods gift. Then shall the Last of Darkness come and It shall tempt the Unbeliever, but the Redeemer will be behind this torrent and He shall provide the Path for one to travel upon and so his destiny of darkness will be will without the darkness, darkness no more, for truly as so it shall not be as not so. The Black Light is a watcher of the game indeed... Let it be known that several will gather to destroy the darkness which pervades the heart of all temptation and time will ere in that nonexisting time of innocence which will come when the clocks ring no more. Heresoforthafter shall man come to the being known as the darkness one and he shall smite upon the darkness with the light of the knowledge so after gained and the darkness will exist no more except in the dreams of the southern disciples and the Silothrenii. For a second path the darkness will live eternally and the dark children who were banished from the light into void will ride again and the worlds destruction will be at their left hand and might of chaos at their right. So be it that the children of the gods delay this momentum then will balance be destroyed, it itself must be vanquished from thought ere the Almorel thrive once more. The forgotten children of the planes will as so ravenge the planes and not for the eight and the mighty Auras of Realms naught shall have discovered the trouble not so. And many times twice will the breath of life help the Holders and guide them to that occurrence where the Errand shall smote the one known as The Last Darkness. But let not the Temptation of life help the Holder of Hope for then will truly be the downfall and he shall be in toil at the whims of evil forever more. The armies blood shall run as a river and its momentum shall be mighty but take care Hand that thou do not fall to the currant but flee to the redeemer for he is the simple of goodness that his unattended god tends to. One shall he conquer and these one shall be many under a name. And the Black Light shall be good for its actions and not always will darkness cloak what is behind, but what is in front, for one who will die is to live not once so that he may give many of the prophecies the help to Live from the last Trials of Evil. And more is written here only at the expense of lives in the future which is the uncertain of a childs life from birth. For this is a part of the past and a spoken word is only a memory before any understanding comes of it. To the end; HOPE! Herein these shalt speak of the coming of a false or that which is a true destiny. Seek this in such matters. Those shall fly with abandon. Nay the Almorel shalt strive to be the perfection of pureness. As to weather this is good be truth unknown. And to the evils the same is spoken. Yet there rests the one who shalt rest eternal in the saints arms. The one who shalt no more fly the skies with those who enslaved his brethren. Go to that shrine that he guards. There in the midst of his protection is that which wilt stand before all is the end. The end is shown and the tales of the three gates is etched upon its surface there. How shalt thee proceed to the gates if it was not for the acts of the saints to protect thee three and two. How is it that those who read those cryptic symbols are shown the truth and become to be what man may call the wisdom of insanity. Ah truth be known, that is the one who who sits there on the throne commanding all before the gods to do the bidding he deems false. Then there is the plight of one who does what he does not wish to be so. To the shrine again, and this let truth not be marred. And yet for so, the Guardian will be challenged four times, for those four times shall the Last Darkness perhaps avail to its deeds, for the Child will be in peril, Peril, peril shall be in his cause. Yet so it shall pass as this, Hell to those against the wall for it is in dreams of life his existence remain, to those dreams gothose. Then this of the Heights of the Abyss to a journey for Eight shall Fall and One shall Be flown away if those of faith; faith may fail too. Then too in the tunnels of Hades will stone be the fall of the One and more too. More this is as Night will Fall, deep it shall Penetrate the nothing and He will strive to call but chaos will turn One to that direction, will he deny it, not, or not for not. Yet Hope is the determination of the success of the Gambit, truly this is so and it will pass as sand through the fingers of a mortal body, Whose body is this is so too! As while the heavens war so shall the sands swell and time shall stand as a moving shift in the deserts of misguidance. So the storm shall run its coarse, the hourglass turns, people cry out, a suns son lies hidden, and the Limbo runs the land, a blue shield behind. To what end does all life run. Here runs the order of chaoism.
    The storm shall run as One falls,
    Time shall turn as eight calls,
    Men seek as to calm the squalls,
    Son reveal the might of all.
    Chaos careens run the land,
    To Eternity the tests span,
    The love of life all shall stand,
    Given by the caring hand.
Behind what face does fatal enmity stand, a Treacherous Thing is friendship denied. Is it One? Yet others stand to be judged as three are to descend with the dark light ne'er to them. A test of faith, a feat of skill, A decision of paths, and when the walls are climbed then shall they be made true and finished. And the fields shall bear fire and so shall the Promise give an eyes of no false evil, as the eyes shall not believe so they shall not experience that fate. And the Promise shall speak to the heavens and the entreatment shall be made to benefit two of one and to forward life its second game. Shall leaves turn to the winter sun as one may cry out in languitude. And the answer. For the Man shall know fire of unsuspecting evil and will weep in sorrow. The sage will speak of stillness and to the waters of far he will travel to learn humility and loose the dangers of his closed mind. And the lakes shall show the future. Destined are these, for in truth these must be destiny, or they shall not be. Take care companion that thou dost not be beholded by the lakes dreams. And you others, beware... The ghosts of midnight dreams, ah nature at last shall revoke thee. The bearers of death, the ones who bear death, welcome. The ones who spread holy pestilence, those who revere the Last Darkness of Pestilence, welcome. Those who die in the mirrors grasp, those who embrace the mirror, welcome. They who Quest for wholeness, they who see evil, welcome. The ones who speak for themselves, those who wear the gold, begone all foulness that I mention from the moment that I form the word Beware... Is it always night that must bring forth the evils of mankind. Or another one, see this evil or foul truth. Is this so to the ones that belie the truth from the next of kin. Is it so that you or that other is the one who does so. Oh sweetness be the failure of them all in debt and in valiancy dear. Speak with those who do this for they hide the truth behind their words and yet speak it at the same moment too. How is this to come about if those do not cease in their petty goals and see... The jungles of evil shall see the ones who speak for goodness. There is the decision of good. For if it speaks true the truth lies underneath these 3. A game truly indeed for one whose fate is the play of others of whom lives it plays in. Oh treachery sweet is this who seeks the answers of the sage. For he is not always what the truth may bear. From mountain top to tower. From Lake to pool shall the journeys resound and at these shall come the acts as redemption true; evil joy, grace; and death. Shift again the sands to the deserts where is already foretold there is the sequence of the gold clad fool who casts the last card on fate, there the joke is played. Did the cast show a new card on fate, there the joke is indeed truly paid. A new one turns showing, failure, mirth, and treachery, what is this evil act that asounds thee. Did'st thou not follow the games rules or did'st thou care to thy own folly! No never should the word of man hope for these evils. That is how the sword cleaves truth from rags of rage. These are spirits of torment. Clad in rags, clad in gold. Indeed, which is the greater fool. As the underneath falls to the skies there shall cities be rent asunder if not for the acts of many. But the darkness is but a preclude to the essence of time that unfolds next. Many shall see this without its knowledge registering in their minds. That is why the game shall continue till the lords fly again , the world is enslaved, or mercy is given grace before the heavens are torn asunder. But there a vision feels the fall of Reality. Again the pattern. The snake dances its fine tune. The fine line of destiny. Do you, are there those who, deny its existence. Who is truly the true prophet who speaks truth. I. Will go forth and bring the savior of destruction to the depths of darkness. Never forget -to those who march ain' evil- you men who have stepped forth, that not always shall the path be easy, nor shall there always be triumph o'er thy foes. There shall be much danger in thy charges, many not always apparent, and friendships may fall. As so the ones of the fires shall arrange to torment these for they may struggle for the goodness that they neglect and hate. So many trials shall come upon these who do good from the abyss. And ere Elient shall they travel to doom for it is told to them that there dwells that may save the sands for their shift. Although it is an evil move, this must happen and the consequences must be brought forth that are aforementioned herein. Or the world shall tumble. For the hourglass symbolizes the war of heavens that rages above and so it must be on this places face if only but a moment but a eternal night if not a moment indeed. It is the moment of chaos that brings it all together. There the Black Light shines to the north where it was born. Here the last of darkness is slain in glee. Is the One, Redeemer. Only the Magi can tell. Two Lives may tell the fate of the Breath of lifes kin. That the Magi may not know. Yet as the Darkness is truly Last never may he lay slain till the last is truly past. He shall only be smote by the Man of the Gods or by the Holder of Eight. The Holder of Hope and Life true. Make true the fate of the O'er Reversium and damned chaos which is blessed may truly pass the First Gate to the end. Of the second there shall only be the confrontation of fear in the heart of the jungles of Death that may walk ne'er to thee. For without Black Light there shall be no victory over this. Who is this one who favors more then one god that he mayest only add to his own gain in the deeds he commits. Is this truly a wise maneuver on his part. See the fate of the ones he has befallen. Do they cry in despair for forgiveness. The possibilities of this turning are true to the heart of the matter. How terrible it is, for one so young to make such a transgression that causes the world to spin in its quake. That is true to say the best if only it happens. Here are the words that tell of flight. There lies that which may truly begin the end of the fool clad in gold. Watch his mighty blows true Unbeliever for there is the key to the second which may open with the glory of many. Not always will the power of the Magi be the gift thus. It will stay here stand. Make true the haste that brought thee here and thou mayest pass this last obstacle for the one is attentive and ready to meet thy charge. There shalt the seer be ridden of the saying of word, ere this be his fall. Make well Guided one and lay the path to these who quest for The Ward's Life. He is the end of the last and there shalt be no more temptation true. The Light shall fall and darkness wilt reign if not for the actions of a second life and the guided hand of The Holder. The last Gate lays true to this path. A path of mighty deeds, it is known to none of the living worlds. Never, for it is folly to seek those of the unliving worlds. Nay, the path must be discovered on the feet of the gods children by thier own gains and only by these. And not for that of pure good mayest stay in the hearts of those who approach the heavens. Hell mayest true not be so bad neither for some... Remember to those that there are always rules to the game of life. It the wiser not twill be to go and seek these, for amoung the ones who did, never didst thier hearts ply the trade of sanity evermore. Search then to no directions but all where death lives and mothers feed to thier children the chaos which breaths life to thee.