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Song and Cant

Old Traveler's Cant
Where doth thou travel fare sir to
upon thy countance I inquire thee,
and when will you reach there o honored man
should you reach there in good time.

I travel to glory my questioniong sir
do to your inquiry I answer thee,
and so may I reach there in good haste
so I may only hope to reach there so soon.

A Sailors Elegy - The Seas of Delight
A Sailors Elegy - The Seas of Delight
To wherest o' where doth Avalon draw,
the beauty of its sheltered green fields.
Alas where does it lay, to there my ship sails,
upon the Seas of Delight they all speak.

To reason my wills, 'o wilst you go to,
The shores too far which I cannot see.
Alas where do I seek, upon open sea,
Yes, upon the Seas of Delight they all speak.

To what ways 'o wast shall I journey to,
its leagues of travel upon a fast sail.
Alas shall I ne'er see, to its shores those dales,
For upon the Seas of Delight they still speak.

To what time 'o travel doth I seek its lands,
its pleasureful soil fore my feet t'tread upon.
Alas so ne'er may I see, for they are wrong,
Tis upon the Dreams of Delight that I must seek.

Song of the Sailor
O'er fare is the sea, her maidens are fair
(the climax of waves crest on bow square)
To some it may seem a glorious strife
(But lo to the maidens who lay the sea bare)

O'er tall is the sea, her busom bled life
(The cracking of sails tight to the mast)
To some it still sings a desolate spite
(But lo to the ships that have bled to their height)

O'er sing the sea harmony with rythem and beat
(The toil of the anchor hauled deep from the depths)
To some for luck the journey has safe ends
(But lo to the sad sailors last watery drink).