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Mendenton: Part 3 - Mirenn (IRC)

Dungeon Master: When last we left off we had returned from the House of Dodokilno after a fight with some Goblins and were sought to enter the city. Having entered we hoped to find a priest who could heal. You do know that there is a temple to Arden in the town of Mendenton, run by a priestess named Ullena. At the moment you all stand just within the city stockade. Three guards stand at attention at the gates and the streets are populated with workers and people going about their business. The rain has stopped finally and now it is a grey sky above, though it is still chill outside. The time is somewhere not long before evening and so the light of the sky is starting to dim. The guards at the gates point you in the direction of the temple to Arden.

Gerom trudges off toward the temple.

Foline looking at her stomach "Alex... I don't feel good with it..."

Alex follows Gerom, helping Foline. "We'll soon get to a temple, my dear... they should heal us, I suppose."

Gerom continues in his path.

Foline "I know... but I was never wounded before... never!"

Alex "Don't worry... they will take good care of you. and that geblynn... gab.... whatever Gerom called it... now rests in hell."

Balan "May they all rot in the hells."

Foline looking at the blood. Thinks, Never saw so much blood in my life.

Alex is starting to feel a bit sick.

Gerom "Be glad that some of what's dripping is still yours, friend."

Alex "Oh..." holds his stomach "I'm not feeling very good."

Balan "What's wrong?"

Alex drops Foline's hand as his face goes white a little. "That insect, I think... the poison got into my blood, apparantly..."

Foline "You too Alex ??"

Alex "I'm not feeling very well. I think that I'm poisoned.... I can hardly move..."

Dungeon Master: Arriving at the temple to Arden you find it to be a humble wooden church. It is two stories tall and has windows at its sides. About it is a yard of green grass where can be seen a couple tombstones. Two young men in brown robed, hemmed with yellow strands, work in the gardens near the double doors of the wooden church.

Alex slowly steps to the temple.

Gerom follows, holding his wound.

Dungeon Master: The temple doors open and an older woman, wise with years and gray haired, steps forth from within and onto the front porch. She is dressed in the garb of a priestess of Arden. She bears the golden holy symbol of "two cupped hands in offering."

Priestess "You are suffering, friends?"

Alex approaches the woman and bows "We...." almost vomits "help us, please."

Foline "Who is she?"

Balan "Are you Ullena?"

Priestess "Yes, I am Ullena, priestess to Arden. Do you need aid?"

Alex "I think that I'm... poisoned. Centipede, poisoned me... I am in need of aid, my lady..."

Gerom "Yes. We had a bit of a scrap with some goblins out at the House of Illkevno."

Balan "Dodokilno..."

Ullena "Please come in then! I'll see what I can do for you." She ushers you all within the temple.

Alex gets closer to Ullena.

Foline steps in. Kneeling on her legs.

Dungeon Master: Inside is a simple, single large room with about 20 rows of pews and an alter at the front. A large wooden carving of the cupped hands of Arden floats weightless in the air at the front of the temple, above the alter.

Alex kneels infront of Ullena

Balan feels out of place in here.

Alex "Please... help..."

Foline gets up and steps until near Alex.

Ullena "Child of life, I have seen much worse in my days. Your illness will not be fatal. I can ease the pain though. You will be better in a few days I forsee."

Alex "Thank you, my lady."

Ullena holds her hands over Alex in blessing and speaks out for Arden's grace upon him. You all watch in amazement as Alex's wounds close and he becomes whole.

Foline looks strangely at Alex, and trys to understand the woman's words.

Alex bows again and thanks Ullena again, then he gives her his last golden piece "Here... a donation for your temple. The most I could give."

Ullena "Good Alex, He knows your sacrifice. Thank you. Seek bedrest for a couple days and the poison will be gone. Read and study if you must but I would advise against travel" Ullena smiles kindly to all of you. "Who else here needs the touch of His grace?"

Gerom "I am wounded, my lady."

Ullena turns to Gerom, "Your wounds are very serious, my friend. Come forth brave warrior."

Gerom steps forward. "I humble accept His blessing."

Ullena "The flesh is weak, good dwarf, but His will is perfect. Be whole, friend." As she speaks you watch Gerom's wounds close up completely.

Foline astounded by the sight a bit.

Gerom looks upward and whispers a prayer of thanks.

Ullena smiles, reminding you of how your grandparents might look upon you.

Alex helps Foline towards Ullena.

Foline "What will she do Alex?"

Alex "Heal your wound, Foline. Her God appears to be true as well as our Baeast"

Foline stands near Gerom, looking.

Balan quietly says, "How does she do that?"

Alex whispers to Balan "Her God could help you through her kind hands."

Foline "Now me?"

Ullena "Are there others who still suffer in pain?"

Alex "Foline, approach her.... her God is true and her hands are kind."

Ullena "Come child of life. I can help you as well." Ullena examines Foline's wounds.

Foline steps forward. Lifting her hand up. "I have.... this." Gesturing to the blood on her hand.

Ullena "Elfin lady, you too can receive His perfection. Come and kneel."

Foline slowly kneeling.

Balan just watches.

Ullena holds her hands over Foline in blessing and you watch as her wounds are closed and her flesh shows no sign of harm. She then turn to Balan, "What of you, child of life?"

Balan "Um.... They are but small wounds.... I'll be well enough, soon enough, but thank you... um. Priestess."

Ullena nods.

Balan whispers to Gerom, "Think we could get some food now?"

Ullena "Go into the world, may His perfection be near you and about you."

Alex "I think that a good rest of about 5 days will e good for all of us.... Give me some new... powers, I think."

Gerom gives the cleric 10 gp.

Ullena accepts Gerom's donation. "I must close the temple now, but if you need help you need but ask where I may be found. Anyone here in Mendenton should point you the way."

Alex bows again to Ullena and leaves, motioning to Foline to follow.

Foline reaching for her pocket, handing the Ullena 5 gp, and walks away.

Gerom smiles, and thanks her once again for her help.

Balan leaves with Alex and helps him along.

Alex to balan: "Thank you, but I need no help." He smiles.

Balan "Suit yourself."

Foline "I feel better now Alex.... But it was something ..... different ......"

Alex "Don't worry Foline... after our rest, i'll be able to heal you myself..."

Gerom "I certainly feel better."

Foline holds Alex's hand.

Alex holds Foline's hand.

Dungeon Master: You all depart from the temple and make your way back to the Inn of the Feathered Serpent. The innkeep greets you as you enter.

Innkeep "Hail friends. Glad to see you well! Did you go to that .... house of evil?"

Balan "Yeah... we kicked ass, right Gerom?"

Gerom "We did."

Innkeep "What did you see? What did you see?"

Gerom "Not much sign of ghosts. We killed some big rats, and a spider."

Balan "And some Goblins. Are they a problem in this area?"

Innkeep "They are occasionally seen about. Sir Nossant's men keep them safely away as best as can be."

Alex "And several Centipedes.... one of them bit me... nothing letal, but it mkes me feel sick"

Innkeep "But no ghosts you say? What of the old Alchemist?"

Balan "There's no such thing as ghosts, so of course we didn't see any."

Alex "Only some fear spell in one of the rooms.... no undead"

Gerom "We found some of his notes."

Alex "There are no ghosts. Undead like skeletons and zombies can be created by spells. Ghosts cannot exist. That is what Naya have taught me."

Balan "We'll need to go back there. Of course."

Innkeep "Will you be spending another night then?"

Foline nods

Gerom nods

Alex "How much?"

Innkeep "A silver a bed."

Innkeep "Your rooms will be the same."

Alex hands the innkeep a silver

Balan hands him a silver.

Foline hands the innkeep a silver piece.

Gerom pays up.

Dungeon Master: Each of you pay your way to the Innkeep and gather in one your rooms.

Balan "Alex, you said something about needing to rest and study?"

Alex sits on one of the beds "I need to meditate for 5 days to gain acess to more mental powers. Like an ability to heal your wounds... or to make Goblins run in fear."

Gerom "Hmmmnnn... Sounds useful..."

Foline looks at her stomach, thinking of a few things, petting the skin.

Alex "We should sell that gem we found in that ruined house... I'm running low on cash."

Balan "I could go find a jeweler in town. Why don't you give me that gem and I'll see what it's worth. I have an eye for that kinda thing. I apprenticed to a jeweler once in the past..."

Gerom "The goblins will be on alert for the next few days."

Balan "So we'll leave them alone while Alex heals up and then we'll go kill'em."

Gerom "OK. here." He hands the stone to Balan.

Balan looks at it carefully. "Hmm. It's gonna take some jewelers equipment to really get an idea of what it is worth. How about I go see if I can find one now?"

Alex "I think that it could help if we get some silver daggers... if there is some kind of magic in there, I mean..."

Gerom "The goblins will have relaxed their guard in a few days anyway."

Foline goes to Quinn. "Quinn ??"

Quinn "Yes, Foline?"

Foline "You think... you can tell me more about the pleasures of yours you told me about, in the bar?"

Alex "All right Foline... please, let me meditate for awhile, ok? I need.... silence. I'm sorry if you will not like it.... but this is the only way I could gain powers" He leaves the room and gets to his room where he sits on his bed, puts his shoes down and start meditating.

Balan "I'm going to go to a jewelers now.... uh, you boys and girls be good." He departs to find a jewlers.

Quinn "If you would like to join me by the hearth in the common room, I'd be happy to, Foline."

Foline "That will be great !"

Quinn smiles at Foline and heads to the common room.

Gerom follows down to the common room.

Foline goes with Quinn.

Alex sinks deeper into his own mind, falling into a deep, meditative trance.

Dungeon Master: While Alex studies and Balan is at the jewelers you all rest by the warm fire in the common room of the inn. The smell of baking bread on hot bricks near the fire fills the room. Animal furs make a warm carpet on the floor of this small room and several stuffed chairs are available to recline in.

Gerom takes a chair near the fire and reflecting on the days events.

Balan returns later that night with the money from the Jeweler.

Balan "It was worth 100 gold."

Gerom "Wow."

Alex "We should split it... 20 GP for each of us."

Gerom "I agree."

Foline "Thank you Gerom."

Balan splits it up.

Dungeon Master: Five days go by while Alex meditates and heals. You gather again on the morning of the fifth day back in the common room. Having finished breakfasting. We are prepared to return to the House of Dodokilno.

Alex "We should buy ourselves some more food... mine is running out."

Gerom nods.

Alex is quite hungry, after eating only little in his 5 days of deep meditation

Gerom "We should leave at dawn."

Alex "Yes, we should go now..."

Balan "I'm ready to go back up there. More gems like that last one and we could be really wealthy." He readies his gear and stands up.

Alex "Yes, Balan is right. we need money, and... I want to see what made that frightening voice up there."

Gerom "Let's head out."

Balan "I want to find out what that thumping noise was and pillage those bodies we left behind from the Goblins."

Gerom "Heh. You can be sure the bodies have already been looted."

Alex heads out, motioning to Foline and the rest to follow. Alexander has his padded armor on, his sword ready in his sheath, and his crossbow and it's bolts ready on his back.

Dungeon Master: With ready gear and bravery in your chest you depart from the inn and wind your way south through the city streets to the southern gates. The sky, again, is gray and cloudy. You make your way to the muddy, winding trailhead which leads up to the House of Dodokilno.

Gerom "Should we sneak around the side, or go in the front door?"

Alex "Front door, like last time..."

Foline "Alex, you think I will need a silver dagger?"

Balan "It's a little late now don't you think, Foline?"

Alex "One is enough, Foline..."

Foline "Yes... but I...."

Balan "Enough elf-babe... we probably, hopefully, won't even need one."

Foline "We won't?"

Alex slowly and carefully enters through the front door.

Dungeon Master: You enter within the ancient House of Dodokilno, Alex in the lead, throught he broad entrance doors. The front door opens onto a musty, dirty entrance hall. To your left a corridor leads into the west wing of the house. On either side of the corridor opening the walls are bare but some pieces of wood in the corner near the window indicate that a small wooden table or chair once stood there. Ahead of you, another corridor leads towards the rear of the house. To your right a staircase climbs to the next story, reaching it at a balcony which overlooks the hall along its north and west sides; the stairs appear safe to climb though the balcony rail is broken in several places. Under the stairs at the rear of the hall a third corridor leads east. The bodies of the goblins are..... GONE! Their blood still stains the floor though and you find the shattered x-bow bolts they fired still laying on the floor or sticking in the walls.

Alex looks for the bodies, his light crossbow ready in his hand and loaded.

Gerom points up the stairs.

Alex "We should get back to the kitchen, and go check the cellar."

Gerom "There are drums upstairs."

Balan "Hmm. Shhhh." He listens carefully.

Foline looks up.

Balan "I don't hear anything. But it didn't start thumping until we made a lot of noise fighting the Goblins."

Alex "We should check the cellar first... then upstairs."

Gerom "There are spots of blood on the floor, heading towards the Screaming Room."

Foline "We need to go to the steps up Alex."

Balan "Foline, can you tell how recently this blood was dripped on the floor?"

Alex "We could all ways go up there later, after we search thr cellar"

Foline "Hmmm.....", looking at the floor checking the blood.

Balan waits for Foline to finish.

Quinn waits as well and examines the stairs.

Foline "I don't know how old it is. But I know ... something else".

Gerom "What's that?"

Alex turns to Foline "What is it, my dear?"

Balan "What did you find?"

Foline "There is scuffmark on this puddle. Someone stepped on the blood. His signs point that his direction was the screaming room."

Gerom "Hmmmnnn."

Balan "I'm not going back in there. That's for sure."

Alex "I am not afraid. After all, I could try and resist that spell... especially if it will try to effect my mind."

Gerom I dunno... Surely it's not as bad now... after all... it seems that SOMEONE has been that way.... So, which way?"

Foline "So what now Alex?"

Alex "I will stay with you, Foline... I will not abandon you in this Goblin - infested building."

Balan "How noble." He rolls his eyes. "Well, where to?"

Alex "Go to the screaming room, I and Foline will wait in here."

Quinn "I'll go in there."

Foline "We will wait here".

Balan "I'm not going in that room."

Quinn Quinn heads down the hallway to the "screaming room."

Quinn returns from down the left hallway after a few moments. "There was nothing there. No bodies at all. Some blood on the floor though."

Alex "There must be a secret door in there. Someone should go and search for one..."

Balan "I wonder where the bodies went?"

Foline is confused. "Where the bodies and what is going on in the screaming room?"

Alex "Probably moved through a secret door"

Balan "Well, one of you two can go in there and look if you want. Upstairs or Cellar?"

Gerom "I bet there's more than a cellar....." He takes a step up the stairs.

Alex slowly follows Gerom, checking the stairs infront of him, with his sword.

Gerom continues up, checking for squeaky boards.

Balan "What was that? Did you hear that?"

Foline "Hear what?"

Alex readies his crossbow.

Balan "I heard something groaning."

Dungeon Master: Now listening carefully, all of you hear a indistinct groaning from somewhere above.

Gerom points up and nods.

Foline jumps up on the stairs.

Balan "So how about we go into the cellar? Gerom?"

Alex "We should go up there and see what it is."

Gerom "I will."

Foline "I will go with Gerom!"

Dungeon Master: The moaning stops for a few moments and then continues. You hear then a steady thumping noise on the ceiling above.

Alex slowly moves upwards, checking the stairs in front of him with his short sword.

Dungeon Master: The stairs creak ominously as you ascend but they are sturdy enough. At the top you reach the gallery which is on the north and west walls of the hall. To east and west the corridor appears to stretch the full width of the house, doors leading off it to the south. Opposite the western portion of the gallery is another corridor leading north. The thumping seems to be coming from your right, to the east.

Alex "We should go to the east, to find out what is that noise."

Gerom carefully goes east.

Foline follows the little dwarf.

Quinn , "Careful, who knows. It could be undead, and the floors are old." He follows with his sword in hand.

Balan draws his short sword.

Alex readies his crossbow and follows Quinn.

Foline ready with her staff, is behind Gerom.

Gerom has his axe out and ready.

Dungeon Master: The sound seems to be coming from beyond the door at the very end of the hallway, the third door on your right.

Alex slowly approaches that door.

Gerom stands at the door, which is closed.

Dungeon Master: With your approach you hear the thumping increase in its frequency and the moaning get louder.

Foline stands with Gerom near the door, close, and prepared.

Alex aims his light crossbow at the door.

Alex "Let's open it."

Balan waits for Gerom to open it.

Gerom opens the door.

Dungeon Master: The door is locked fast or held by some means.

Balan "Hmm."

Balan steps forward to try unlocking it.

Alex "So... you're gonna use you axe on it, Gerom?"

Gerom "Yeah."

Foline "I think that Balan is goign to use his nice tools."

Balan tries to pick the lock.

Foline ready with the staff, together with Gerom.

Balan "Damn. Axe it. I can't do it, the lock is too old."

Gerom "OK." He swings his axe at the lock.

Foline steps back.

Alex aims his crossbow towards the door.

Dungeon Master: Gerom hacks the door down. Beyond is a dirty, decayed bedroom. The floor looks rather unsafe. In the far corner lies a slender, elfin woman; she is obviously alive, though bound and gagged. She is clad only in undergarments and appears to have no weapons or equipment. She looks up towards you from the floor with pleading eyes. The elfin woman has a cut and bruise on her temple. It has bled closed.

Foline runs towards the Elf. "Are you ok?"

Alex runs towards the elf with his short sword, ready to untie the poor lady.

Gerom rushes forward and checks for any hostiles in the room.

Dungeon Master: There is no one else in the room.

Alex tries to cut the woman's bonds with his short sword

Foline pulls out some water and washes the Elf's face.

Gerom "Hello there."

Alex cuts the bonds. "Don't wory, we'll help you."

Elfin woman shakes her head and rubs her limbs to get circulation back. "Thank you."

Foline "Who.... are you?"

Elfin woman "I am Mirenn."

Alex checks Mirenn for any wounds.

Balan "Um.... need some clothes?"

Foline "I'm.... Foline...", smiles. Do you want food?"

Balan takes off his backpack, takes out some spare clothes, and gives them to Mirenn.

Mirenn "Food? That would be nice. I'm really thirsty."

Gerom offers his waterskin.

Foline pulls more water and food from her pack.

Alex tries to use cellular adjustment on Mirenn's wound.

Mirenn thanks Gerom for the waterskin and drinks thirstily.

Balan is checking her out.

Mirenn takes the clothes and quickly puts them on.

Foline helps Mirenn fix herself

Mirenn "So... who are all of you?"

Balan "Um, I'm Balan."

Alex "We're... adventurers, in one way or another"

Mirenn "The last thing I remember I was fighting some goblins... They must have tied me up and left me here."

Gerom "Hmmnn.... Where were you fighting the goblins?"

Foline looking quietly on the happenings.

Mirenn "I had just entered this house... at least I assume it is the same house"

Gerom "Yep."

Mirenn "I was in a kitchen, and I was attacked from behind by the goblins... I think they were goblins, anyway."

Gerom "They were goblins."

Mirenn "I barely got a glimpse of them before they knocked me out"

Gerom "We killed a few about five days back."

Mirenn "You haven't all introduced yourselves. There's Balan, and who else?"

Alex "I'm Alexander."

Foline "I told you... I'm Foline."

Gerom "I am Gerom Grimforge."

Mirenn nods in greeting.

Quinn "I am Quinn, warrior and mage."

Mirenn "Has it been five days? I heard you wandering around the house before and tried to attract your attention."

Gerom offers his cloak to Mirenn.

Balan "What happened to your clothes and stuff?"

Mirenn "I guess they must have taken them while I was unconscious."

Gerom "Handy with a dagger?" He offers a dagger to Mirenn.

Mirenn "Thank you. I think I can manage to use it." She takes the dagger from Gerom.

Alex "We should check the area... they should be somewhere in here." He carefully searches the room.

Mirenn "I've been here a few days. I think I would have seen them already."

Dungeon Master: The room is empty of anything other than a couple broken chairs.

Gerom "Hmmn.... you don't have much ... protection. Would you like my shield?"

Mirenn takes the shield from Gerom. "Thank you."

Alex "So we should search the other rooms for your equipment, Mirenn."

Gerom "Yes."

Foline "Mirenn, what are you... exactly?". She smiles.

Mirenn "I am a traveller from Luln. I was looking for somewhere to sleep. This place looked deserted."

Balan "Hmm."

Mirenn "If you wouldn't mind me travelling with you, I would certainly appreciate it. It seems travelling alone has its disadvantages.

Quinn "I see no harm in it, as long as you mean no ill."

Mirenn "So... have you explored this building very much?"

Gerom "The first floor, yes."

Alex moves out of the door, crossbow ready.

Balan goes back out into the hallway.

Alex motions to the others to come.

Dungeon Master: There remain two other doors in this eastern hall which are unexplored.

Foline "Well.... ", she looks and sees that Alex has gone. "Alex?" She steps back and goes to Alex.

Alex slowly moves to the next door.

Mirenn moves over toward Alex.

Dungeon Master: The next door rests partway open, this is the center of the three doors in this hallway.

Alex carefully looks through the opening.

Dungeon Master: You see another dirty, decaying bedroom without furniture. From the doorway the floor in here does not look particularly safe; some floorboards are missing while others appear to have suffered partial collapse. There is a window on the far wall which has an excellent view of the harbor and the Bay of Luln beyond.

Foline "Don't go in there Alex. It's too risky."

Alex "We shouldn't enter that place... it's not very safe."

Balan "Remember the ceiling plaster on the floor of the rooms below here?"

Foline "What about it?"

Balan "That means that the floor upstairs here is weak."

Gerom "Right. Let's check the other door."

Alex moves to the next door.

Mirenn "So, are you adventurers? Why are you exploring this old house anyway?"

Balan "For money, why else?"

Alex "Someone told us that it's haunted... we're here to prove it wrong." He looks at the next door.

Mirenn "I heard some weird sounds while I was here... it could be true." She looks around suspiciously and seems a little spooked out.

Gerom "Yeah, but there are goblins living here. That's a strike against it being haunted."

Balan "Not anymore, we proably killed em all."

Mirenn "I suppose the goblins could have avoided the haunted parts..."

Dungeon Master: The last door is that which is closest to the stairway heading back downstairs. The door is closed but the ancient handle turns easily in Alex's hand.

Alex carefully opens the door, crossbow ready.

Foline "Be careful Alex."

Foline readies her staff.

Dungeon Master: When Alex opens the door you can see into the room beyond. This bedroom is dirty and decayed; the floorboards appear intact but rubbish is scattered everywhere and webs are profuse on the walls and ceiling. From the doorway, you can see a glint of light in the fireplace from what appears to be a small, highly reflective object. There is no furniture in here.

Alex carefully enters the room, checking the floor with his sword, towards the reflective object.

Dungeon Master: The spider webs fill the room and brush Alex's clothes as he enters.

Gerom looks for spiders. "Anybody have a torch?"

Balan "That might set this whole place afire. Not very smart."

Alex carefully removes the webs from his face.

Dungeon Master: Quickly, like lightning, two large (foot across) spiders spring from the corners of the room to attack Alex.

Mirenn screams loudly.

Dungeon Master: The spiders attack with surprise on their side. The first one bites Alex on the arm.

Alex screams in pain, yet tries to focus at the spiders and tries to establish contact with one of them, but fails.

Mirenn puts her back to the wall, defending herself.

Balan attacks a spider with his short sword but misses.


Foline jumps on Alex, trying to push him to the ground.

Gerom attacks with his axe but can't score a hit.

Alex tries to get up and stab the nearest spider with his short sword.

Mirenn looks around frantically for more spiders.

Spider#1 attacks Alex, but misses him.

Spider#2 attacks Alex, but misses him.

Foline tries to protect Alex and attacks the spider with her staff.

Spider#1 attacks Foline and bites foline in the neck.

Foline "OUCH!!!"

Spider#2 continues to attack Alex but misses.

Alex tries to get up and stab the nearest spider with his short sword, while trying to contact the other. He misses with his sword and makes contact with the spider.

Gerom swings his blade twice against the spider which is attacking Foline and squashes it DEAD!

Balan swings and misses.

Mirenn throws her dagger at the spider attacking Alex, but she misses and hits Alex instead!

Alex screams "OUCH"

Mirenn "Aaaaaah! Sorry Alex!"

Alex "No problem... just be a little more careful, ok?"

Quinn slashes at the spider attacking Alex and misses.

Mirenn stays back, afraid to cause more damage.

Spider#2 attacks Alex and scores another vicious bite.

Alex gnashes his teath from pain and tries to swing at the spider and cause him Phobia Amplification. He misses with his sword and the spider is unfazed from the psionic attack.

Foline takes Alex away, whether he wants to or not.

Balan attacks again and crushes the remaining spider with his short sword, killing it.

Foline "Are you ok Alex?"

Alex "I.... don't... think so.... Foline."

Gerom "You guys OK? poison?"

Alex tries to use cellular adjustment to heal himself.

Mirenn retrieves her borrowed dagger.

Foline "Alex... I feel not good in my neck". rubbing her neck.

Balan "Alex, now's the time to use that healing you were talking about."

Mirenn "You can heal? Are you some sort of priest or something?

Alex "I'm no... priest... Mirenn... just a Mentalist with... somatic ... powers."

Balan "Can you cure poison too?"

Alex "No... I don't think so..."

Mirenn "What does that mean? Men Tal ist? Is that a god? I've never heard of Men Tal..."

Alex tries to use cellular adjustment to heal himself but cannot concentrate. "Damn... I cannot heal myself now... but if I'll have some time to regenerate... I could try again."

Mirenn "I'm really sorry I hit you with the dagger."

Alex "Dont... be... sorry, Mirenn... be careful later."

Mirenn "So what is this god of yours... Men Tal? What powers does he give you?"

Alex "No Men Tal. I'm A mentalist. Mind-bender"

Mirenn "What is a mind bender?"

Alex "I use my mind to strike my enemies and to heal my and your flesh."

Foline "Alex !! I don't..... feel... so good!"

Alex falls to the floor in pain.

Balan "What the hell?"

Alex "AHHHHH!!!!"

Mirenn steps back.

Alex "Po...poison... damn sssspider..."

Gerom "Poison."

Balan goes to Alex, "What's wrong?"

Foline starts shaking noticeably.

Alex shivers in utter pain.

Quinn examines the bite marks on Foline "It's swollen, you have been poisoned. Likely Alex has too."

Mirenn "Can you do healing too Quinn?"

Quinn nods.

Mirenn "Are you a priest?"

Quinn ignores the question, "Alex, may I heal you?"

Foline "Ouch! It hurts."

Quinn , "Alex is far more wounded than you Foline."

Alex screams in pain.

Mirenn "Does Men Tal give you mind bending powers as well?"

Balan says to Mirenn, "He's basically a mage."

Quinn casts cure light wounds on Alex.

Foline falls on her side.

Alex feels only a bit better... the poison still effects him. "Thank you..."

Mirenn "But Mages can't heal people... only Gods grant that power... or at least that's what I always heard."

Quinn "There is much more to this world than gods and their priestly powers."

Gerom "Hrrmmmph."

Alex feels less pain "There is no God called Men Tal. I don't have a god... I just use my own mind and soul."

Mirenn looks doubtful at Alex's claims.

Alex "I do worship gods, though... but they do not give me my powers"

Quinn , "I never expect help from the gods, though I must admit it is nice when they side with you."

Mirenn "So you guys don't need holy symbols or anything?"

Alex "No, as I said... I only need my mind"

Quinn , "No holy symbols. Not even components." He smiles at Alex.

Mirenn says to Quinn "But don't Mages need something to cast spells? Books or something?"

Quinn "Not all mages."

Foline slowly crumbles into sitting position.

Quinn "I'll be able to do it again in a few hours. Healing that is."

Gerom pokes around in the webs with his axe.

Quinn "I'll have to rest."

Mirenn "We should be careful. There might be more."

Balan "We should hole up in a room and rest. The day is still young, I don't want to go back to town yet."

Mirenn "There are still webs all over"

Gerom "And that shiny thing."

Foline shakes her head.

Alex gets up and careflly searches for more spiders and traps.

Balan goes to get the shiny thing.

Dungeon Master: The shiny object is a fist sized stone which is clear and transparent.

Alex "Foline, could you try and search the room you're better in this than me"

Foline "Yes Alex, I can... what do you think to find here ??"

Balan clears away the webs and looks for secret stuff.

Alex "Secret doors.... traps.... spiders..."

Balan "There isn't anything secret in here. I don't think so anyway."

Gerom helps with the search.

Alex "Try to search the fireplace.... it could have something inside."

Gerom "Well, who's for checking the cellar now?"

Mirenn looks around, too.

Balan "We should finish exploring up here."

Mirenn "Are you sure we've seen everything else?"

Alex "yes.... there are still unexplored rooms in here"

Foline "I think I can go there... I feel a bit bad, but besides that, I'm fine".

Alex moves out of the room.

Alex "we should try and search the other rooms..."

Gerom follows.

Mirenn follows the others out of the room.

Alex motions to the others to follow.

Gerom follows.

Foline follows. Rubbing her neck a little.

Dungeon Master: At the top of the stairs the hallway runs east and west. To the east are the three rooms you have explored. To the west is a four way intersection (N S E W). Down the western passage the floor looks dangerous, just before the intersection, after the intersection, looking west, you can see two doors unexplored.

Gerom "Your lead, Alex."

Alex carefully checks the floor with his short sword, approaching the intersection.

Mirenn follows Alex.

Alex's sword pushes easily into the floor boards before the intersection. "It's rotten.... we shouldn't go there."

Balan "But that leaves the entire rest of the upstairs unexplored."

Foline taps on the floor beneath her with the staff, just to make sure.

Mirenn "It could be you could walk near the wall.."

Gerom "Hmmnn. yes."

Alex "The goblins couldn't go over that rotten section. We should explore the cellar instead."

Balan "That means they could not have stolen anything from over the rotten boards too..."

Mirenn "Hey, just cause goblins couldn't get there, doesn't mean there's no treasure."

Balan "Exactly."

Gerom "Yep."

Quinn hmms.

Mirenn "You guys sure don't seem very adventurous for adventurers."

Alex tries to jump over the rotten section.

Quinn "Does anyone have some rope in case..."

Foline "Be careful Alex!"

Gerom "I do."

Alex jumps across the hall and his feet punch through the floor where he lands, but the floor does not cave in.

Quinn "That was too hasty."

Alex carefully pulls himself up from the floor.

Foline jumps after Alex.

Quinn "As I was saying.... rope?"

Mirenn tests the floor near the wall by crouching down and pushing on it.

Foline jumps and lands next to Alex, safely. She smiles to Alex.

Quinn shakes his head and sighs at their carelessness....

Alex continues down the hallway, checking the floor with his sword. "It's safe... we should continue."

Mirenn edges along carefully near the wall.

Gerom "Alrighty." He edges along carefully.

Quinn rolls his eyes and follows where Mirenn treds.

Dungeon Master: Both Quinn and Mirenn cross safely.

Balan steps back and makes a running leap across.

Gerom follows where Mirenn tread.

Dungeon Master: Gerom, as you are crossing there is a screech of timbers and the floor suddenly collapses! Gerom falls down into the entry hall of the downstairs with a THUD.

Balan safely leaps across.

Foline looks down the hole.

Alex peers into the hole "Are you OK??"

Balan looks down the hole at Gerom. "Are you ok?"

Quinn "I knew it."

Gerom "Yeah... just startled."

Mirenn "Didn't you say you had rope, Quinn?"

Quinn shakes his head. "Gerom does."

Alex "I have one."

Gerom tosses his rope up through the hole.

Alex takes his rope from his backpack.

Balan "Why don't you just come back up the stairs?"

Mirenn "Well, I guess he could take the stairs and try again on the other side of the passage..."

Gerom "I can climb. I'm a mountaineer."

Dungeon Master: Most of you (except Gerom) can see down all directions of the intersection. To the south the hall dead ends some 30 feet away with a window that overlooks the front of the house and the hillside. To the north the hallway has two doors on the right hand side. At the end of the hallway looks to be some small chamber. To the west there are two doors on the left hand side which are closed.

Alex motions to the west "Lets go" He moves slowly with his sword checking the floor in front of him towards the first western door.

Foline checks the hole, to try and figure if the weak floor is only at the hole's place.

Alex checks the door.

Dungeon Master: Alex leads the way and approaches the first closed door on the left hand side of the westerly hall.