Travel Domain

Source: Player's Handbook
Deities: Acerak, Chishleen.
Granted Power: For a total of 1 round per cyour cleric level per day you can act normally regardless of magical effects that impede movement (similar to the effect of the spell freedom of movement)

Travel Domain Spells
  1  Expeditious Retreat. Doubles your speed.PHB
  2  Locate Object. Senses direction toward object (specific or type).PHB
  3  Fly. Subject flies at speed of 90.PHB
  4  Dimension Door. teleports you and up to 500 lb.PHB
  5  Teleport. Instantly transports you anywhere.PHB
  6  Find the Path. Shows most direct way to a location.PHB
  7  Teleport, Greater. As teleport, but no off-target arrival.PHB
  8  Phase Door. Invisible passage through wood or stone.PHB
  9  Astral Projection. Projects you and companions into Astral Plane.PHB