Mists Domain

Source: Ravenloft Campaign Setting
Granted Power: Once per day, you may call on the shield of Ezra, a film of luminous mist that envelops your body for one round per cleric level. The form of protection is determined by your alignment. Lawful good: 25/+5 damage reduction vs. metal weapons. Lawful neutral: 15/+1 damage reduction vs. all physical attacks. Neutral: +10 to all Fortitude and Reflex saves vs. damaging spells. Lawful evil: +1 to all Will saves vs. mind-affecting spells and effects. This is a supernatural ability.

Mists Domain Spells
  1  Obscuring Mist. Fog surrounds you.PHB
  2  Fog Cloud. Fog obscures vision.PHB
  3  Gaseous Form. Subject becomes insubstantial and can fly slowly.PHB
  4  Solid Fog. Blocks vision and slows movement.PHB
  5  Mind Fog. Subjects in fog get -10 Wis, Will checks.PHB
  6  Wind Walk. You and your allies turn vaporous and travel fast.PHB
  7  Teleport, Greater. As teleport, but no off-target arrival.PHB
  8  Teleport Object. As teleport, but affects a touched object.PHB
  9  Imprisonment. Entombs subject beneath the earth.PHB