Bestial Domain

Source: Book of Vile Darkness
Granted Power: Character gains the scent extraordinary ability.

Bestial Domain Spells
  1  Magic Fang. One natural weapon of subject creature gets +1 bonus to attack and damage.PHB
  2  Bull's Strength. Subject gains 1d4+1 Str for 1 hr./level.PHB
  3  Greater Magic Fang. One natural weapon of subject gaiets +1 bonus to attack and damage per three caster levels (max +5).PHB
  4  Claws of the Savage. Subject gains claws that deal damage based on size.BoVD
  5  Charm Monster. Makes monster believe it is your ally.PHB
  6  Hold Monster. As hold person, but any creature.PHB
  7  Whirlwind of Teeth. Creates moving 5-ft./level cylinder that deals 1d8 damage/2 levels each round.BoVD
  8  Spread of Savagery. Creatures within 10 ft./level become hostile and savage.BoVD
  9  Were-Doom. 1d4 creatures are infected with lycanthropy.BoVD