Greed Domain

Source: Book of Vile Darkness
Granted Power: Character gains a +2 competence bonus on Appraise, Open Lock, and Pick Pocket checks.

Greed Domain Spells
  1  Cheat. Caster rerolls when determining the success of a game of chance.BoVD
  2  Entice Gift. Creature gives caster what it's holding.BoVD
  3  Knock. Opens locked or magically sealed door.PHB
  4  Emotion. Arouses strong emotion in subject.PHB
  5  Fabricate. Transforms raw materials into finished items.PHB
  6  Guards and Wards. Array of magical effects protect area.PHB
  7  Teleport Object. As teleport, but affects a touched object.PHB
  8  Phantasmal Thief. Creates an unseen force that steals from others.BoVD
  9  Sympathy. Object of location attracts certain creatures.PHB