Spell List for Priests of Zhakrin

Level 0

Blood Vision. Creates an image of the creature whose blood or corpse you touch. [WoS]
Create Earth. Creates one cubic foot/level of non-precious earth. [WoS]
Create Water. Creates 2 gallons/level of pure water. [PHB]
Cure Minor Wounds. Cures 1 point of damage [PHB]
Detect Magic. Detects spells and magic items within 60 ft. [PHB]
Detect Poison. Dtects poison in one creature or small object. [PHB]
Enumerate. Alows caster to quickly count a number of creatures or objects. [R&R]
Guidance. +1 on one roll, save, or check. [PHB]
Inflict Minor Wounds. Touch attack, 1 point of damage. [PHB]
Light. Object shines like a torch. [PHB]
Mending. Makes minor repairs on an object. [PHB]
Purify Food and Drink. Purifies 1 cu. ft./level of food or water. [PHB]
Putrefy Food and Drink. Putrefies 1 cu. ft./level of food or water. [WoS]
Read Magic. Read scrolls and spellbooks. [PHB]
Resistance. Subject gains +1 on saving throws. [PHB]
Silver Sword. Causes a weapon to count as silver for any special attack purposes. [D&tD]
Virtue. Subject gains 1 temporary hp. [PHB]
Water to Wine. You convert 1 cubic foot ordinary water per level to wine. [WoS]
Wine to Water. You convert 1 cubic foot ordinary wine per level to water. [WoS]

Level 1

Bane. Enemies suffer -1 attack, -1 on saves against fear. [PHB]
Bless. Allies gain +1 attack and +1 on saves against fear. [PHB]
Cause Fear. One creature flees for 1d4 rounds. [PHB]
Chill Touch. 1 touch/level deals 1d6 damage and possibly 1 Str damage. [PHB]
Command. One subject obeys one-word command for 1 round. [PHB]
Comprehend Languages. Understand all spoken and written languages. [PHB]
Cure Light Wounds. Cures 1d8+1/level damage (max +5). [PHB]
Curse Water. Makes unholy water. [PHB]
Deathwatch. Sees how wounded subjects within 30 ft. are. [PHB]
Detect Chaos. Reveals chaotic creatures, spells, or objects. [PHB]
Detect Evil. Reveals evil creatures, spells, or objects. [PHB]
Detect Good. Reveals good creatures, spells, or objects. [PHB]
Detect Law. Reveals lawful creatures, spells, or objects. [PHB]
Detect Undead. Reveals undead within 60 ft. [PHB]
Divine Favor. You gain attack, damage bonus, +1/three levels. [PHB]
Divine Sacrifice. Sacrifice hit points for a damage bonus. [DotF, CDiv]
Doom. One subject suffers -2 on attacks, damage, saves, and checks. [PHB]
Endure Elements. Ignores 5 damage/round from one energy type. [PHB]
Energy Buffer. Absorbs 1d6/level points of damage (maximum 15d6) from one kind of energy. [T&B]
Faith Healing. Cures 8 hp +1/level damage (max +5) to worshiper of your patron. [MoF]
Inflict Light Wounds. touch, 1d8 +1/level damage (max +5). [PHB]
Invisibility to Undead. Undead can't perceive one subject/level. [PHB]
Ironguts. Target gains +4 bonus on saving throws against poison. [MoF]
Magic Stone. Three stones gain +1 attack, deal 1d6+1 damage. [PHB]
Magic Weapon. Weapon gains +1 bonus. [PHB]
Minor Symbol of Divinity. Creates minor magical protections within a small area. [R&R]
Obscuring Mist. Fog surrounds you. [PHB]
Omen of Peril. You know how dangerous the future will be. [CDiv]
Protection from Chaos. +2 AC and saves, counter mind control, hedge out elementals and outsiders. [PHB]
Protection from Good. +2 AC and saves, counter mind control, hedge out elementals and outsiders. [PHB]
Ray of Enfeeblement. Ray reduces Str by 1d6 points +1 point/two levels. [PHB]
Remove Fear. +4 on saves against fear for one subject +1/four levels. [PHB]
Resurgence. You grant subject a second chance at a saving throw. [CDiv]
Sanctuary. Opponents can't attack you, and you can't attack. [PHB]
Shield of Faith. Aura grants +2 or higher deflection bonus. [PHB]
Smite. Invokes the paladin's smite power. [R&R]
Summon Monster I. Calls outsider to fight for you. [PHB]

Level 2

Absolution. Grants a creature a +3 bonus to saves and attacks for 1 hour. [WoS]
Aid. +1 attack, +1 on saves against fear, 1d8 temporary hit points. [PHB]
Augury. Learns whether an action will be good or bad. [PHB]
Aura Against Flame. Ignore 12 fire damage/round and extinguish fires. [MoF]
Aura of Glory. Bonus on Cha-based skill checks, cure allies, and bolster them against fear. [MoF]
Avoid Planar Effects. Grants temporary respire from natural harmful effects of a plane. [MotP]
Bear's Endurance. Stays the exhausting effects of Greater Path spell tying for 3 days. [PHB]
Blacklight. Area of total darkness 20-ft. radius that you can see normally within but others cannot. [D&D]
Bull's Strength. Subject gains 1d4+1 Str for 1 hr./level. [PHB]
Calm Emotions. Calms 1d6 subjects/level, negating emotion effects. [PHB]
Cat's Grace. Subjet gains 1d4+1 DEx for 1 hr./level. [PHB]
Command Undead. An undead creature obeys your commands and does not attack you. [T&B]
Darkness. 20-ft. radius of supernatural darkness. [PHB]
Darkvision. See 60 ft. in total darkness. [PHB]
Death Knell. Kills dying creature; you gain 1d8 temporary hit points, +2 Str, and +1 level. [PHB]
Deific Vengeance. Deity's punishment deals 1d6 damage/two caster levels (max 5d6) [CDiv]
Delay Poison. Sops poison from harming subject for 1 hour/level. [PHB]
Desecrate. Fills area with negative energy, makes undead stronger. [PHB]
Disguise undead. Change appearance of one corporeal undead. [MoF]
Divine Insight. You gain insight bonus of 5+caster level on one single skill check. [CAdv]
Divine Zephyr. Wards area against cold creatures. [DotF]
Enthrall. Captivates all within 100 ft. + 10 ft./level. [PHB]
False Life. Gain 1d10+1/level (max +10) temporary hit points. [T&B]
Find Traps. Notice traps as a rogue does. [PHB]
Force of Will. Substitute your Wisdom modifier for one of your physical ability modifiers. [R&R2]
Gentle Repose. Preserves one corpse. [PHB]
Hand of Divinity. Gives +2 sacred or profane bonus on worshiper of your patron. [MoF]
Hold Person. Holds one person helpless for 1 round/level. [PHB]
Indifference. Makes subject resistant to fear, compulsion, and morale effects. [T&B]
Inflict Moderate Wounds. touch attack, 2d8 +1/level damage (max +10). [PHB]
Lesser Restoration. Dispels magic ability penalty or repairs 1d4 ability damage. [PHB]
Make Whole. Repairs an object. [PHB]
Owl's Wisdom. Subject gains 1d4+1 Wis for 1 hr./level. [T&B]
Remove Paralysis. Frees one or more creatures from paralysis, hold, or slow. [PHB]
Resist Energy. Ignores 12 damage/round from one energy type. [PHB]
Shield Other. You take half of subject's damage. [PHB]
Silence. Negates sound in 15-ft. radius. [PHB]
Spiritual Weapon. Magical weapon attacks on its own. [PHB]
Status. Monitors condition, position of allies. [PHB]
Summon Monster II. Calls outsider to fight for you. [PHB]
Zone of Truth. Subjects within range cannot lie. [PHB]

Level 3

Amanuensis. Copy nonmagical text. [MoF]
Animate Dead. Creates undead skeletons and zombies. [PHB]
Attune Form. Negates harmful natural effects of a plane. [MotP]
Bestow Curse. -6 to an ability; -4 on attacks, saves, and checks; or 50% chance of losing each action. [PHB]
Blessed Aim. Allies receive a +2 morale bonus on ranged attacks. [DotF, CDiv]
Blindness/Deafness. Makes subject blind or deaf [PHB]
Circle of Magical Detection. You detect magical auras in a 5ft./level radius. [WoS]
Create Food and Water. Feeds three humans (or one horse)/level. [PHB]
Curative Ward. Cure wounds spells heal target undead creature during 10 minutes/level. [WoS]
Dark Way. Creates temporary unbreakable bridge supporting up to 200 lbs./level. [MoF]
Darkfire. As produce flame, but dark flames visible with darkvision. [MoF]
Deeper Darkness. Object sheds absolute darkness in 60 ft. radius [PHB]
Dispel Magic. Cancels magical spells and effects. [PHB]
Glyph of Warding. Inscription harms those who pass it. [PHB]
Halt Undead. Immobilizes undead for 1 round/level. [PHB]
Healing Sting. Touch deals 1d6 +1/2 levels; caster gains damage as hp. [MoF]
Healing Touch. You take up to 1d6/2 levels and heal target that amount. [MoF]
Helping Hand. Ghostly hand leads subject to you. [PHB]
Infernal Threnody. Grants +2 caster level to evil-aligned divine spellcasters. [S&S, CAdv]
Inflict Serious Wounds. Touch attack, 3d8 +1/level damage (max +15). [PHB]
Invisibility Purge. Dispels invisibility within 5 ft./level. [PHB]
Lesser Aspect of the Deity. Your form becomes more like your deity's. [DotF]
Locate Object. Senses direction toward object (specific or type). [PHB]
Magic Circle against Chaos. As protection from chaos spell, but 10-ft. radius and 10 min./level. [PHB]
Magic Circle against Good. As protection from good spell, but 10-ft. radius and 10 min./level. [PHB]
Magic Vestment. Armor or shield gains +1 enhancement/three levels. [PHB]
Obscure Object. Masks onject against divinations. [PHB]
Prayer. Allies gain +1 on most rolls, and enemies suffer -1. [PHB]
Ray of Exhaustion. [PHB]
Remove Blindness/Deafness. Cures normal or magical conditions. [PHB]
Remove Curse. Frees object or person from curse. [PHB]
Remove Disease. Cures all diseases affecting subject. [PHB]
Resurgence, Mass. As resurgence, but multiple targets. [CDiv]
Sacred Weapon. Summons weapon that inflicts 1d10 damage and causes deafness. [R&R]
Speak with Dead. Corpse answers one question/two levels. [PHB]
Spectral Weapon. Creates a quasi-real weapon. [S&S, CAdv]
Summon Monster III. Calls outsider to fight for you. [PHB]
Visage of the Deity, Lesser. You gain +4 Cha and resistance 10 to certain energy types. [CDiv]
Wrack. Blinds subject and renders it helpless for 1 round/level, then 02 on attacks, saves, and checks for 3d10 minutes. [BoVD, CDiv]

Level 4

Blindsight. Grants the blindsight ability for 1 hour/level. [MoF]
Castigate. Deafen or damage foes, depending on their alignment. [DotF, CDiv]
Death Ward. Grants immunity to death spells and effects. [PHB]
Dimensional Anchor. Bars extradimensional movement. [PHB]
Discern Lies. Reveals deliberate falsehoods. [PHB]
Dismissal. Forces a creature to return to native plane. [PHB]
Divination. Provides seful advice for specific propesed actions. [PHB]
Divine Power. You gain attack bonus, 18 Str, and 1 hp/level. [PHB]
Divine Storm. Spinning disk of weapons deals 1d6 +2/level damage in 30-ft. radius. [DotF]
Enervation. Subject gains 1d4 negative levels. [PHB]
Exorcism. Forces a possessing spirit out of a host body. [WoS]
Favor of Ilmater. Target becomes immune to subdual damage and pain, or you switch hp totals with target. [MoF]
Freedom of Movement. Subject moves normally despite impediments. [PHB]
Glory of the Martyr. As shield other, but affecting multiple creatures, and healing them if you die. [MoF]
Greater Magic Weapon. +1 bonus/three levels (max +5). [PHB]
Hand of Torm. Immobile zone of warding stuns those of different patrons. [MoF]
Imbue with Spell Ability. Transfer spells to subject. [PHB]
Improved Bull's Strength. Subject gains 1d8+2 Str for 1 hr./level. [U]
Improved Cat's Grace. Subject gains 1d8+2 Dex for 1 hr./level. [U]
Improved Endurance. Subject gains 1d8+2 Con for 1 hr./level. [U]
Inflict Critical Wounds. Touch attack, 4d8 +1/level damage (max +20). [PHB]
Know Vulnerabilities. Determine target's vulnerabilities and resistances. [MoF]
Languor. Causes short-term Strength loss and slowing. [MotW, CDiv]
Lesser Planar Ally. Exchange services with an 8 HD outsider. [PHB]
Make Manifest. Forces creature on coterminous or coexistent plane onto your plane of existence. [MotP]
Order's Wrath. Damages and dazes chaotic creatures. [PHB]
Poison. Touch deals 1d10 Con damage, repeats in 1 min. [PHB]
Recitation. Allies gain +2 or +3 on attacks and saves, and enemies suffer -2. [DotF, CDiv]
Restoration. restores level and ability score drains. [PHB]
Revenance. Slain ally is restored to life for 1 minute/level. [MoF, CDiv]
Sending. delivers short message anywhere, instantly. [PHB]
Spell Immunity. Subject is immune to one spell/four levels. [PHB]
Summon Monster IV. Calls outsider to fight for you. [PHB]
Tongues. Speak any language. [PHB]
Unfailing Endurance. +4 bonus against weakness or fatigue, endurance bonus. [DotF]
Unholy Blight. Damages and sickens good creatures. [PHB]
Unholy Channel. Allows inflict spells to be cast upon target at range. [R&R]
Weapon of Deity. Wield your deities favored weapon with +1 enhancement to attack/damage and a special ability. [MoF]
Weapon of the Deity. +1 to your weapon's attack and damage, plus a special ability. [DotF, CDiv]
Zone of Silence. Keeps eavesdroppers from overhearing conversations. [PHB, S&S]

Level 5

Armor of Darkness. Wards creature in shadows, granting +3 deflection bonus to AC +1/four caster levels (max +8). [D&D]
Atonement. Removes burdon of misdeeds from subject. [PHB]
Battletide. Targets have attack penalties and you gain a partial action each round. [MoF]
Break Enchantment. Frees subjcts from enchantments, alterations, curses, and petrification. [PHB]
Circle of Doom. Deals 1d8 +1/level damage in all directions. [PHB]
Commune. Deity answers one yes-or-no question/level. [PHB]
Crawling Darkness. Cloud of tentacles provides concealment, skill bonuses, and several defenses. [MoF]
Dim Utterance. Creatures are blinded in a 30' radius burst. [WoS]
Dispel Chaos. +4 bonus against attacks. [PHB]
Dispel Good. +4 bonus against attacks. [PHB]
Divine Agility. Subject gains Reflex save bonus, 18 Dex, and Spring Attack. [DotF, CDiv]
Excommunicate. Banish one creature from your faiths benefits and its clergy. [WoS]
Greater Command. As command, but affects one subject/level. [PHB]
Mark of Justice. Designates action that will triggure curse on subject. [PHB]
Raise Dead. Restores life to subject who died up to 1 day/level ago. [PHB]
Righteous Might. Your size increases, and you gain +4 Str. [PHB]
Scrying. Spies on subject from a distance. [PHB]
Slay Living. Touch attack kills subject. [PHB]
Spell Resistance. Subject gains +12 +1/level SR. [PHB]
Stalwart Pact. You gain combat bonuses automatically when reduced to half hit points or lower. [CDiv]
Summon Monster V. Calls outsider to fight for you. [PHB]
Symbol of Pain. [PHB]
True Seeing. See all things as they really are. [PHB]
Undeath to Death. As circle of death, but only affecting undead. [PHB, MoF]
Vindication. You receive numerous benefits for relentlessly pursuing a holy quest. [WoS]
Wall of Stone. 20 hp/four levels; can be shaped. [PHB]

Level 6

Antilife Shell. 10-ft. field hedges out living creatures. [PHB]
Aspect of the Deity. As lesser aspect, but you get celestial or fiendish qualities. [DotF]
Blade Barrier. Blades encircling you deal 1d6 damage/level. [PHB]
Create Undead. Ghouls, shadows, ghasts, wights, or wraiths. [PHB]
Crumble. 1d6/level (bypassing hardness) to manufactured object or structured. [MoF, CDiv]
Forbiddance. Denies area to creatures or another alignment. [PHB]
Gate Seal. Permanently seals a gate or portal. [MoF]
Geas/Quest. As lesser gaes, plus it affects any creature. [PHB]
Greater Dispelling. As dispel magic, but +20 on check. [PHB]
Greater Glyph of Warding. As glyph of warding but up to 10d8 damage or 6th level spell. [PHB]
Harm. Subject loses all but 1d4 hp. [PHB]
Owl's Wisdom, Mass. [PHB]
Planar Ally. As lesser planar ally, but upto 16 HD. [PHB]
Summon Monster VI. Calls outsider to fight for you. [PHB]
Symbol of Fear. [PHB]
Visage of the Deity. As lesser visage of the deity, but you become celestial or fiendish. [CDiv]
Word of Recall. Teleports you back to designated place. [PHB]
Zealot Pact. You automatically gain combat bonuses when you attack someone of opposite alignment. [CDiv]

Level 7

Aura of Vitality. Subjects gain +4 to Str, Dex, and Con. [MoF]
Blasphemy. Kills, paralyzes, weakens, or dazes nonevil creatures. [PHB]
Control Undead. Undead don't attack you while under your command. [PHB]
Destruction. Kills subject and destroys remains. [PHB]
Dictum. Kills, paralyzes, weakens, or dazes nonlawful subjects. [PHB]
Giant Strength. Increase targets strength by 1d6 plus 1 per 2 levels. [WoS]
Greater Restoration. As restoration, plus restores all levels and ability scores. [PHB]
Incite. Enlist a large group to achieve a specified goal. [R&R]
Refuge. Alters item to transport its possessor to you. [PHB]
Regenerate. Subject's severed limbs grow back. [PHB]
Repulsion. Creatures can't approach you. [PHB]
Resurrection. Fully restore dead subject. [PHB]
Righteous Wrath of the Faithful. As aid within 30 ft., followers of your deity receive more. [DotF, CDiv]
Summon Monster VII. Calls outsider to fight for you. [PHB]
Symbol of Stunning. [PHB]
Symbol of Weakness. [PHB]

Level 8

Create Greater Undead. Mummies, spectres, vampires, or ghosts. [PHB]
Death Pact. -2 to Constitution, in exchange for effects of word of recall, raise dead, and heal. [MoF, CDiv]
Dimensional Lock. Protects area from interdimensional travel [MoF]
Disincorporate. Turn one creature into a ghost which you can demand a service of. [WoS]
Finger of Death. Kills one subject. [PHB]
General of Undeath. Increases your maximum HD of controlled undead by 10 times your level. [MoF]
Greater Planar Ally. As lesser planar ally but upto 24 HD. [PHB]
Recall Champion. Call a dead hero to aid you. [R&R]
Shield of Law. +4 AC, +4 resistance, and SR 25 against chaotic spells. [PHB]
Spell Immunity, Greater. [PHB]
Summon Monster VIII. Calls outsider to fight for you. [PHB]
Symbol of Death. [PHB]
True Domination. As dominate person, but save at -4. [DotF, CDiv]
Unholy Aura. +4 AC, +4 resistance, and SR 25 against good spells. [PHB]

Level 9

Antipathy. Object or location affected by spell repels certain creatures. [PHB]
Astral Projection. Projects you and companions into Astral Plane. [PHB]
Convert. Subject gains belief in your god. [R&R]
Energy Drain. Subject gains 2d4 negative levels. [PHB]
Greater Aspect of the Deity. As lesser aspect, but gain wings, enhanced ability scores, and various resistances and immunities. [DotF]
Hide Life. You lock away your life force into a small receptacle and cannot be killed while the receptacle remains intact. [T&B]
Miracle. Requests a deity's intercession. [PHB]
Monstrous Thrall. As dominate person, but permanent and affects any creature. [DotF, CDiv]
Soul Bind. Traps newly dead soul to prevent resurrection. [PHB]
Storm of Vengeance. Storm rains acid, lightning, and hail. [PHB]
Summon Monster IX. Calls outsider to fight for you. [PHB]
True Resurrection. As resurrection, plus remains aren't needed. [PHB]
Visage of the Deity, Greater. As lesser visage of the deity, but you become half-celestial or half-fiendish. [CDiv]
Wail of the Banshee. Kills one creature/level. [PHB]


BoVD   Book of Vile Darkness
CAdv   Complete Adventurer
CDiv   Complete Divine
DotF   Defenders of the Faith
D&D   Deities & Demigods
D&tD   Divine & the Defeated
MoF   Magic of Faerun
MotP   Manual of the Planes
MotW   Masters of the Wild
PHB   Player's Handbook
R&R   Relics & Rituals
R&R2   Relics & Rituals 2
S&S   Song & Silence
T&B   Tome & Blood
U   Unknown
WoS   World of Sulerin