"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peave and safety of a new dark age."

--The Horror in Clay,   H.P. Lovecraft.

Doctor Alexander Volt
A prodigious scholar, Dr. Volt is a man with little happiness in his life. Born in Bonn, Germany, his parents sent him to a private school for academic studies, so that he only would return home for but a few days a year. Such days were usually spent alone in his fathers library while his parents were away performing their duties at foreign embassies.
    At an early age he developed a sharp interest in spectral powers and parapsychology. As he grew older, his vacations were spent not at his parents home but traveling to exotic eastern european destinations to speak with reclusive experts on the subject of spirits and what lies beyond death. Dr. Volt strongly suspects that the truth of what happens after the mortal coil is released was once known to the shaman and academics of ancient times, only to be lost during cataclysms such as the Great Plague, buried beneath the sands of Egypt, or lost in jungle overtaken ruins deep in the heart of of the South Americas. To this end he has immersed himself in archaeology, ancient history, and is the utmost expert on a variety of obscure occult lore.
    Dr. Volt has an abrupt personality, a highly analytical mind, and a stern demeanor. He is full of regrets, realizing that his life's work has uncovered but a drop of the knowledge lost to the grinding wheel of time. Most people dislike being near him as he belittles their finds, the other scientists of the Boston Esoteric Society are some of the few "minds of significance" that he can stand the extended presence of, much else is but a distraction to his true calling. That is why his nights are filled with fevered toil over ancient books and the latest field reports of the Societies field agents.

Doctor Thomas Noah
Originally named, Ønlefk Nøet, son of a Swiss scientist, Dr. Noah moved to the United States on the looming foreshadow of the Great War. Little else is known of his background; a scowl and cold stare greet any questions on the subject. Shortly after arriving in the United States his wife passed away to a mysterious illness and he retreated into his studies. It is common knowledge among other members of the society that his relationship with his only son is estranged, difficult, and but another subject that he will not discuss.
    His specialties are linguistics and psychology, for this reason he often takes part in the interview and testing process that field agent recruits participate in. At work, nothing else is on his mind, so obsessively does it consume him. Dr. Noah also heads the paranormal psychology department of the Boston Esoteric Society. Consequently, he is one of the few scientists who is also friends with Doctor Volt. He is passionate about his work, spending most all of his time on the subject. When not at the Boston Esoteric Society he can be found teaching masters psychology classes at Boston University. Dr. Noah lives alone, only a few blocks away from the Esoteric Society. Outside of work he is an approachable man, though he has little to talk about that is not related to his field.

Doctor Charles Gimble
A brilliant scientist of physics and metaphysics, Charles Gimble is also one of the most pleasant personalities found within the Boston Esoteric Society; so much so that the other scientists quickly nominated him to the position of Chairman. Dr. Gimble has a pretty wife and two young daughters that occasionally can be seen, like ghosts, playing hide-and-seek in the shadowed and dusty corridors that line the Society's building.
    Dr. Gimble is a fair skinned and somewhat delicate in manner. He is polite, yet still manages to be engaging. A compulsive collector, Dr. Gimble hordes a library of research papers that fill the bookshelves which line his office to bursting; so many, stacked so hastily, that they are held in place upon his shelves only by the density of their placement.
    He is a man of prompt discipline and his pocket watch is rarely far from his hand. Though he tries to not hold others to the same strict requirements of timely observation, one still can detect a slight disappointment effected in his brown eyes if arriving late for an engagement with him.

Doctor Henry Armitage
Dr. Armitage is a professor at the obscure, though well known among academics, Miskatonic University. He also has visiting faculty status at the Boston University, located on the south bank of the Charles River, where he also maintains an office. Recently made aware of the existance of certain truths of the universe, he has become deeply engrossed in the seeking out of various "forbidden" tomes. As the head of the Miskatonic library, and being a respected specialist in libri incunabula, Dr. Armitage also oversees access to the restricted stack of the Boston Public Library.
    He is a strict, yet kindly gentleman, deeply concerned that others are not exposed to certain dark knowledge hinted at by the insane authors of the books he has lately preoccupied himself with. By carefully restricting access to these ancient manuscripts he hopes that others will not become contaminated with strange thoughts and disturbing experiences like his own. Though he does not normally receive visitors, such is the intensity of his studies, those who wish to speak with him are welcome to leave a calling card with the library secretary.