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Neutral Good Male Human
Level 12 Wizard

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:
        Travels with Bolas

A thoughtful mage which the party met while journeying back in time in the Eastern Empire. When they found him he was in the middle of battling a large Taylor (a land dragon) which at just the last minute Elesaz polymorphed the beast into a small puppy dog with big floppy ears. The dog still had the fierce glare of a Taylor, but soon would forget its identity. Elesaz called it Soft-Love. Elesaz belongs (or rather belonged) to the elite group of Realms Mages of the Eastern Empire, a group of good mages which council the emperor himself on occasional matters and who are also sages of a great variety of things. Elesaz has a retreat built high atop a mountainous pillar of stone, deep in the Crescent Mountains, somewhere west of Aden's Keep. There he keeps his studies and his garden which rests atop another lofty peak high above the clouds and reachable by magically floating stepping stones (not made for those who are afraid of heights!) Elesaz assisted the group in getting back to their proper place in time by directing them to Hermathya, another sage, and by helping them get around the Eastern Empire when the opportunity arose.